Where to Place a Garden Pond

The chances are that if you want a garden pond, you’ve been wondering exactly where to put it. You may have gone as far as to buy all your pond supplies from an online retailer like Swell UK and are still thinking about where the best place in your garden is!

Here’s how you choose:

Assuming your garden isn’t just a blank state, it’s going to have existing features, some of which you haven’t much affection for, and some of which you can’t bear to part with. Many people find it helpful to make a list of the tress or garden features they want to keep, and a list of features that might be for the chop in favour of a pond, or at least relocated.

Once this is done, you should have narrowed a few areas down by process of elimination. You can extend this process by thinking about who else uses your garden. For instance, you might not want to cut off too much of your lawn if your children are into playing football, and your partner might not love the idea of sacrificing their favourite sunny-spot either, so be kind where you can.


Once you have got over these initial speed bumps, the practicality of your pond placement becomes a factor. Hiding your pond away somewhere it won’t be easily viewed is only ever good for the wildlife that uses it, so cross off any areas that are hidden behind shrubs or natural partitions, unless its all for the wildlife anyway. Think about electrical components like pumps and fountains too, where are the electricity sources?

Finally, one of the biggest and yet sadly neglected factors is sunlight.

Although it’s lovely to see sunlight glistening on crystal clear waters, increased sunlight on your pond will increase the quantity of algae in your pond, leading to green water and potentially stagnation. Although this can be combatted with filtration systems, it will always be a factor, especially in summer, so picking a place that has some shade, at least for some of the day, is advisable.

Once you have gone through this decision process, hopefully you will have found the perfect place to start digging without remodelling your entire garden, unless that’s what you wanted all along!

Good luck!


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