Use Your Jacuzzi to Improve Your Health

Ancient civilisation for centuries used the benefits of warm water to improve health and well-being. Whether you’re enjoying hydrotherapy as suggested by your doctor or you simply need a respite from stress and frustration, soaking in a tub of bubbling, hot water can be the ideal solution that you need to feel and look better. Your Jacuzzi still works on the same three principles that the Ancients used to heal the body in a natural and healthy way.

The Principle of Heat

A Jacuzzi bath will surround you with hot water that’s bubbling with jets that can direct the heat onto your sore muscles and painful areas. When your body gets warm your blood flow increases, your blood vessels dilate, and your blood pressure is reduced; all of this can take place in twenty minutes which is a good return on the investment that you’re making in a Jacuzzi. Your muscles will relax, your central nervous system produces endorphins, and you begin to rejuvenate almost immediately; this brings about pain relief which is welcomed after a hard workout or sitting in an uncomfortable chair at work all day.

The Principle of Buoyancy

It’s important to buy the right size Jacuzzi so that you can experience the feeling of buoyancy as you soak in the hot water. Ask the experts at about the proper size for your body weight so that you can have enough water to support the weight of your body once you are immersed. Your back, feet, joints, knees, wrists, and elbows are stressed all day from carrying around your weight; once you climb into the Jacuzzi, about 90% of your weight is supported and the strain that you feel is reduced. The pressure is reduced on your joints and muscles and you experience a feeling of freedom that is relaxing and refreshing.

The Principle of Hydrotherapy

If you’ve ever been to a spa, you know the power of those powerful little jets that direct hot water right where you need it the most. Enjoying a massage that has therapeutic value can make your purchase of a Jacuzzi one of the most valuable assets that you own. You can enjoy hydrotherapy sessions whenever it’s convenient for you and in the privacy of your own home. By purchasing your own Jacuzzi you can choose the number of jets, the size of the pump that powers them, and the size of the tub into which you’ll immerse your tired, weary body. Whether you place the jets to massage your aching back or your stiff neck will be entirely up to you; you may want to begin by massaging the area in which you are experiencing the most pain initially.

With the soothing and gentle massage of Jacuzzi jets you can enjoy the heat, buoyancy, and hydrotherapy benefits whenever you feel the need. From stress relief to improved circulation to lower blood pressure, you’ll improve your health simply by sitting quietly and enjoying the bubbles of your Jacuzzi.

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