Top Tips to Preventing – and Addressing – a Rodent Infestation in Your Property

You have the responsibility to keep your property clean and spotless at all times. This is something that just makes simple sense. But what if you notice a potential rodent problem in your premises? This problem can lead to dire consequences. Here, then, are some top tips to preventing – and addressing – a rodent infestation in your property.

Being vigilant

You have to think about a lot of things when it comes to preventing the infestation of rodents in your property. But the key is to be vigilant. Keeping your property free from rodents is a continuous effort. It’s important to establish and maintain the right habits and even protocols, and everyone in your family should follow it at all times.

Bear in mind that there are also some environments which rodents favour more than others. In many urban areas, homes often share an alley between them, or have a common wall. This makes it easy for rodents to travel from one property to another to look for food or shelter. If you are in an urban area, you have to be extra vigilant as well.

But the same is true for homes or properties in more remote locations. If you are in the countryside and your property is the only source of food nearby, a rodent or two may decide to pay your premises a visit.

Controlling rodents in your property

If you happen to see a rodent, don’t panic just yet. You can address the problem with a few strategically-placed traps. Chemicals may not be allowed in your property if it is not a professional using it, so stay away from poisons and pesticides. You can opt for either a sticky trap or snap trap. Place the trap inside a paper bag so the rodent will be trapped inside the bag and you can simply seal the bag and throw it away without having to touch the rodent or the trap.

Once you have found a rodent and have caught it, it doesn’t stop there. Make sure that your place is clean from top to bottom, because even if a rodent just touches a surface, it can already become contaminated. Clean all surfaces and use gloves whilst cleaning. The rags you use should be thrown in the rubbish afterwards. Make use of disinfectants and avoid sweeping or hoovering so as not to stir up any particles in the air – just wipe down all surfaces, including the floor.

If your rodent problem has gotten worse, you should call in the professionals. Professional pest control Bournemouth services such as Rokill Pest Control can address your rodent infestation in an efficient, safe, and thorough manner. It’s best to be safe than sorry, after all.


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