Top Tips to Help You Decorate Your Kid’s Bathroom Effectively

kids bathroom

One of the most important aspects of children’s bedroom is their bathroom, which is the sole space in the entire home where cleanliness can be effectively taught to your kids. Therefore, it is important that this space is decorated well to ensure that it creates a healthy learning environment for your children. Bathroom decor can be considered fairly simple as you do not have to rack your brains over the selection of the colour scheme.

You are entitled to use the exact same colour scheme as your children’s bedroom or tweak the colours slightly for added effect. The bathtub can take inspiration from the kid’s cabin bed. No matter how you decide to decorate your child’s bathroom, you must never fail to break away from one simple rule; the brightness of the colour. If you do go wrong in this department, it could essentially mean all the difference between a good bathroom and a great bathroom. As a rule of thumb, your colour selection should include bright, jazzy colours for young kids while the older kids would feel more comfortable in their skin in tones that are more mature and neutral.

1.)   Cabinetry in colours is an excellent option:

The faucets and other such fixtures that pertain specifically to plumbing may not give you a variety of colours to select from. Therefore, your only option would be relying on neutral shades for the same. However, you can counter this by using fittings and furnishings like cabinets, wash basins and the likes in varied colours that go well with the colour of the walls. Your main goal is to create an atmosphere that exudes happiness and fun. You can even make use of wallpapers in quirky colours and patterns.

2.)   Good quality lighting is crucial:

This holds true not just for a child’s bathroom specifically but for every bathroom in your home. Bright lighting is a must since accidents in the bathroom can occur frequently is the lighting is dim or inappropriate. You should aim at creating lighting in your bathroom that does not cast shadows at any given point of time. To keep this is check; you can consider using pendant lights and overhead lights to the best of their ability.

3.)   Keep everything in place and within easy reach of your kids:

While it is important to complement the bathroom cabinets based on the kid’s cabin bed, it is also important that you keep these cabinets organized in a way that calls for easy maintenance. Besides, your children must get access to the products lying inside the cabinets and therefore, they should be fixed at an appropriate height. There should be a separate cabinet for the toys to be used during bath time. Besides, other everyday products like towels, soap, kid friendly body wash and the likes must be kept neatly inside a cabinet below the sink. Furthermore, a hamper containing toiletries and another one for used clothes is a must.

All the same, it is also important that you keep certain items positively out of reach like toilet cleaners and other such chemical induced products, which could be accidently used by your children. Besides, you must also ensure that the fixtures are secured firmly and with care.

4.)   Keep a teenager’s bathroom minimalistic:

Teenagers are not too fond of bright colours and over-the-top bathroom accessories. It is wise to use cabinets and other such accessories that can be replaced easily as a teenager’s choices are bound to fluctuate far too often. The entire bathroom can have a dull colour and this can be complemented by using bright coloured towels and rugs. As a rule of thumb, stick to pastels and neutral shades for teenagers.

Author’s bio:

Nina Bolitar is a freelance writer and a DIY crafts expert. She intends to start her own blog to teach her readers how to carry out simple DIY arts and craft functions for decorating kid’s cabin bed or area rugs.