Tips To Deep Clean Your Bedroom


Our bedroom is the place where we relax after a hectic day at work. Thus, our bedroom needs to carry a calming vibe. Cluttered sleeping space will simply add to our stress levels and interfere with our normal sleep schedule. Today we are going to share a few housekeeping tasks which can turn your bedroom into a more inviting space and bring tranquility back to your life. 


Take Care Of The Trash

Get a small wastebasket for your bedroom and start taking out everyday trash. Be it leftover wrappers from midnight snacking or garment labels, trash tends to build up easily in our bedroom, and having a wastebasket can ensure its easy clean-up. 


Send Dirty Clothes To The Laundry

We often develop a tendency of dropping our dirty and used clothes at a corner of the room or piling them up over a chair. This can dampen the vibe of your bedroom. If you find it difficult to get the laundry done regularly, then you can at least fix a hamper to your closet for storing the dirty clothing. This is especially easy to use during the hectic mornings when we are in a rush to go to work.


Organize Clean Clothes

Just sending your dirty clothes to the laundry is not enough. You also need to organize and store them in your dresser drawers. Sweaters and blouses need to be hung facing the same direction in your closet. Doing this will make it easier to browse through your clothes every morning while choosing outfits. 


Keep The Surface Clutter-Free

Our dressers, nightstands, desks, and vanities can all turn into drop zones of daily objects. You can devote a few minutes daily to put all these items in the right place. An organization system can be devised for daily use items like car keys, mobile chargers, and even hand sanitizers. 


Wipe Clean Furniture Surfaces

Once your bedroom becomes clutter-free you need to wipe clean all the surfaces with a proper cleaner. While we mostly pay attention to the tabletops, it is also necessary to look after the fronts of nightstands, dressers, and legs of chairs. People having four-post beds need to take adequate care while clearing the headboard and the posts since these are extremely prone to dust bunnies.  


Wipe Clean Mirrors & Windows

Windows filled with scratches and smudges can disrupt your outside view. You can wipe down the window panes and all mirrors using a streak-free cleaning agent. People with young kids in their house need to be attentive towards wiping down low while cleaning all glass surfaces as in this case, the window panes and mirrors become prone to fingerprints of the little ones. 


Wash Bed 

It is always advisable to take a shower before bedtime and not have food inside the bedroom. But even when you follow this hygienic behavior, you need to regularly wash and change the bedroom sheets. Especially your sheets, comforter, and pillowcases need to be routinely removed and washed. Often people complain of bed bug infestation which can hamper your peaceful night’s sleep. You can avail of specialized services from Pointe Pest Control for a readymade solution to your problem. 


Final Words

Dedicating just one hour every day is enough for keeping your bedroom clean. But for effective results, it is advisable to set up a schedule of efficient tasks which takes into account every corner of your bedroom. Having a proper plan in place can help you get the work done quickly so that you can enjoy more free time. Tools like brooms and devices like vacuum cleaners can add more inertia to your room cleaning process. 



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