Tips For Keeping The Smoothest Ice In Town

For many Canadian homeowners, a backyard ice rink is a great investment for family winter fun. Some people believe that it can be a time consuming process, but building one can be easy if you have the right kit. There is no need to buy lumber or break out tools in the depths of January when you have telescoping polypropylene tubes for a frame. If you want to have a good time with your family during the holiday season, a backyard ice rink can be just what you need.These kits will have all the necessary material, including liners essential to freezing water. Skating just outside of your own home can bring the outdoors back into your life even in the snowy months. It doesn’t have to be hard if you come ready with a quality kit.

However, even once you have your own set up, keeping your backyard skating rink smooth is not easy. It can require serious resurfacing in order for you to maintain a flawless surface.With a backyard ice resurfacer, you can keep it free from air bubbles and ridges. If you’re teaching your young children to skate or hosting hockey tournaments, you’ll want to keep the bumps out of skating. Without proper care, by the end of the year you could face bumpy, pocked surfaces that can make practice time a downer. Even January should be playtime for kids; make sure their memories are fond ones.

Keeping it flat isn’t always about resurfacing, and some simple maintenance tips can save you a lot of time. For example, avoid doing too many hockey stops or any similar stops that cause dents and ridges. These manoeuvres can also damage your liner; if you reuse a damaged liner, you can wind up with air bubbles that easily collapse under pressure. To get the smoothest ice in your neighbourhood, the best thing to remember is to take the time to get it installed the right way firstwith a quality liner. Don’t reuse old liners from last year as they can be torn and weakened by sunlight. If you do reuse, patch up every puncture thoroughly, no matter how small, and store it in a dark, dry space such as the garage. White or light coloured options draw less sunlight to them, so avoid dark colours if you plan to reuse.

Ice resurfacers are crucial to keeping everything even and working out the kinks. Avoid plastic tools that break and look for products that are manufactured with aluminum instead. A good spreader uses terry-cloth to equalize flow across the floor. One such device is Ontario retailer RinkMaster’s FloodMaster, which distributes water evenly through a feeder and spreader. When you meet winter prepared, it will be like having your own personal Zamboni.

Look online for all of your at-home skating needs, as many retailers now deliver with free shipping. Companies like RinkMaster sell made in Canada products that are tested for the northern climate and the sub-zero temperatures you know all too well. This is a winter country and you can count on equipment that will stand up to the elements if it’s been made right here. Canadians take their winter sports seriously, and you can bring them right to your back door. Research the RinkMaster backyard ice resurfacing device to find out if you have a missing link in your neighbourhood hockey games. To keep your arenaglossy, invest in equipment that will optimize skating conditions throughout the season.

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