The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Garden Shine This Summer

Now that summer is nearly upon us, many of us will be out enjoying the sunshine in our gardens. But something’s not quite right. Yes, the sun is shining. Yes, we’re sipping some iced soda. And yes, we’ve got our feet up reading our favorite book. Yet, the garden that we’re sitting in doesn’t look quite right.

So what can be done about it?

Rent Out A Pressure Washer

Algae might be essential for the Earth’s ecosystem as a whole. But in our backyards, it’s a big no-no. Green patches all over our patios, paved areas, and decking just looks awful. But giving those areas a quick blast with a pressure washer should sort the problem out.

Nothing looks better than outdoor areas with a clear distinction between the natural and the man-made. Home Depot rent out pressure washes for $26 for 4 hours.

Use Lighting

In the summer, we don’t just have to enjoy our gardens in the day. We can also sit out in them at night. But we rarely think about how we can use lighting to make that experience more enjoyable.


However, there’s nothing to stop us from lighting our gardens at night just as we’d light our home. You could, for instance, line a walkway with little solar powered LED lamps for a stunning visual effect. Alternatively, you could run fairie lights along a decking area or even around a tree.

Even in the summer it can sometimes get a little cold outside in the evening. But you can opt for an outdoor lamp that doubles as a heater and get the benefits of both. The bottom line is that lighting in the garden should not be neglected. It never fails to create a powerful visual effect, mostly because it’s such an unusual combination.

Timed Sprinklers

Are your flowers wilted? Is your lawn looking a little parched? Well, it’s probably because you haven’t had time to water them. Not to worry, there is a solution. Just use a timed sprinkler. Timed sprinklers save you a lot of time and effort. And they also work wonders for your garden if it hasn’t rained for a while.

Go Fake

When you think about it, a lot of your garden space is man-made. Your shed is manmade. Your greenhouse is manmade. Even your paths are manmade. But the distinction between what is made by people and what is made by nature can be blurred even further. And to great effect.

Let’s face it; lawns are tough to maintain. And they’re especially hard to maintain in well-trodden, small areas. That’s why it’s a good idea to abandon the natural solution altogether in these scenarios. Instead, get some synthetic turf and put it down in the shape that you want. Artificial turf will never need watering, and it’s far harder wearing than its biological counterpart.


Artificial turf is not as expensive as it used to be. Plus it actually looks nearly like the real thing.


Recently, we’ve seen a significant move in the marketplace towards outdoor furniture. Suddenly, it’s become very fashionable, and there are a lot of suppliers making quality products.

It used to be the case that outdoor furniture was restricted to cast-iron chairs. But now manufacturers have started playing with new materials and have gotten some great results. Today’s outdoor furniture is comfortable and even comes with cushions. There’s also a range of products, from regular tables to full-length recliners for those lazy afternoons in the sun. On top of that, there’s also a range of styles to choose from, from formal to chic.


Most of us have some manner of neglected item in our backyards. Maybe it’s a bench or a bird table. Perhaps it’s even a greenhouse that’s become overgrown with thorns.

But you’d be surprised at just how effective a bit of elbow grease can be when it comes to upcycling older items. Scrub that bench and give it a new coating of wood stain. Get that bird table out of the corner and sand down any unsightly marks. And clear out the overgrowth around your greenhouse. All these garden objects can become a focus for your whole garden.


Invest In Edging

Nothing is more annoying than an overgrown lawn. It’s just frustrating having to trim the edges periodically so that they all stay in line. Usually, it’s a losing battle and many people give up.

But an overgrown lawn isn’t something you necessarily have to put up with. Edging is a great way to contain your lawn both now and in years to come. Edging comes in all different materials and varieties. Wooden edging is the most common type. And it best complements gardens with a rustic feel. For those going for a more classical look, you can also get stone edging. You can even go for something decorative or ornate if your garden is quite formal.

Create A Backyard Oasis

There’s something quite magical about dipping your feet in a cool pond during the height of summer. But many of us don’t have the opportunity to do that in our own backyards. Companies like Colorado Pond Pros want to change all that. Now you can get different ponds with different features to suit the style of your garden.


Ponds elevate gardens in numerous ways. Firstly, there’s the sound of water. This alone is enough to relax even the most extreme workaholics. Then there’s the benefit it brings to wildlife. Expect to see a much greater variety of critters in your garden as the water attracts new visitors. Then, finally, there is the aesthetic appeal. Ponds can be built in all sorts of styles and can become a focus for many different plants and flowers.

Pot Plants

Pot plants are an excellent way to add texture and variety to your garden. Too often, gardeners restrict themselves to a single plane. They imagine that they have to plant everything on the ground without exploring verticality at all.

Pot plants are an excellent way to break the visual monotony of lawns surrounded by flower beds. Add height to your garden by putting in large pots around your patio or decking area. And hang plants from the side of buildings. This will give you the sense that your garden is really a place in which you can lose yourself. It’s the verticality that takes it from somewhere that’s just pretty, into something that is your own wonderland.


Nothing looks worse in your garden than a bunch of random objects without a home. Buckets scattered over the lawn, rakes propped up against walls, barbecues shoved in the corner. It’s all an unsightly and ghastly mess.

But, remember how garden furniture is taking off right now? Well, it’s not just limited to tables and chairs. Now you can get garden chests that look great and do the job. Effects include oak and cream.


There are still some parts of the garden that will remain unsightly, no matter how hard you try. Wheelie bins are wheelie bins after all. And thanks to the drive to recycle, they’re multiplying every year.


If you can’t beat them, then at least try to hide them a bit. One great option is to use a screen. Your screen could be made from cut wood. Or it could have a natural, willow effect. Bamboo works well too if your garden has a generally contemporary feel. Screening is usually easy to install and an instant way to give your garden a facelift.

Summer Houses

Back in Georgian times, summer houses were all the rage. They were a place to escape the hustle and bustle of cramped cities like London and enjoy nature. In the intervening years, summer houses went out of fashion. But now they’re back, and they have a point to prove.


One great way to improve any garden is to install a charming summer house. Make sure that the house itself suits the area in which you live. If you live in the South, Spanish style is a good option. If you live in the north, you might want to go for something a little more quintessentially British.

Create Shade

One of the most overlooked aspects of great garden design is the use of shade. But shade is critical for creating contrast and providing you with usable space on summer days.

Install a parasol and line the area with shrubs and bushes. Usually, shaded areas work best in corners that are naturally secluded, so use the environment to your advantage. Cool, shaded areas are a great place to relax and unwind, so every garden should have one.

Paint Your Pots

The sun beating down on our pots can cause them to lose some of their color and make them crack. But there’s a simple solution: paint. Choose genuine outdoor paint for the best results.

So there you have it: how to make your garden an amazing space this summer. Don’t forget there are plenty of big ideas out there in the land of the internet. There’s always a trick or two to be learned, even by the most experienced gardeners.

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