The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for Your Leather Furniture

The patina of an old leather chair can evoke many memories. Leather furniture is an investment. And one that can get better with age. Leather furniture with good maintenance can last a lifetime. There are a few simple things that owners can do to keep their investment in top condition. With proper maintenance, you will find that your leather couch and chair will look better each year. Though leather is known for its durability, this type of covering should still be treated appropriately. While wrinkles can make the piece look distinguished, significant scuffs and tears in the material will be an eyesore. When properly maintained, leather furniture will age with style and sophistication. Here are some simple do’s and don’ts to keep your leather furniture looking and feeling it’s best.

Don’t Neglect Leather Furniture

Perhaps the worst thing you can do to your leather furniture is to do is nothing at all. The lifespan of your leather couch can be cut short by not making the effort to maintain it correctly. Leather requires maintenance, or it can become moldy, cracked or even discolored depending on the humidity in your home, among other things.

Don’t Let Stains Set

Stains can cause discoloration and a change in texture. Don’t let spills set. Wiping them up with a clean cloth as soon as possible is important. Most spills can be cleaned with a dry cloth, but a damp cloth can be used dry blotting is not enough but remember that applying water to a grease stain will likely make matters worse. A best case scenario is that your leather furniture is a no food area as oily stains will need professional cleaning. Guardian Protection Products makes a leather and vinyl cleaner that can be used on any stains. But be sure to always do a spot test.

Don’t Forget to Spot Test

Leathers vary greatly – even within collections from the same manufacturer. As do cleaning products. One formula may work with no problems while another may bleach or otherwise wreck your leather furniture. For this reason, it is important that you do a spot test before cleaning the pieces. Call a professional if you have any concerns.

Do Dust and Vacuum Leather Furniture

Regular dusting off your furniture might seem odd, but it helps keep the dirt from building up in the creases and cracks. Also, since you already have it out, consider vacuuming your couch and chairs at the same time you do your floors.

Do Keep Leather Furniture Covered

When not in use keep your leather furniture covered. This will not only protect it from dust and dirt, but it won’t need to be cleaned as often. It will also keep any sunlight off of the furniture, which will cause the leather to dry out and crack over time. A slip cover in high-traffic areas will help keep dirty fingers at bay a little longer.

Do Condition Leather Furniture

There are many excellent cleaning products available through Guardian Protection Products leather care and cleaning line that work to clean and maintain your leather product over the years. Using a cleaner to remove built-up dirt and dust will also improve the appearance of the leather. Special conditioning products can be used to add life back into the leather upholstery, but if you need a quick and easy solution olive oil will work just as well.

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