Setting Up Your Permanent Home Office

Last year saw a major change in the day to day lives for many of us as a permanent shift towards remote working is certainly on the horizon if it hasn’t already happened. With all of the ups and downs this brings, and the many challenges, the first to overcome is ensuring you have a comfortable home office setup for the permanent change, which could be quite tricky – so what should you consider when setting up your home office?


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Comfort is key, but not too comfortable – If you’re looking for an effective workplace, it’s important to find a nice balance for your comfort levels. Too comfortable and you may find yourself getting distracted and unable to complete your work to the best of your ability, not comfortable enough and you may find yourself slacking a little to find that little bit extra – there’s a nice balance to be found and it’ll certainly take a lot of trial and error, but once you’ve got things arranged perfectly, you’ll know it, and you can be at your most productive.

Keep distractions out of the way – It may be encouraging to throw in a few creature comforts or distractions for small breaks, but these could also be taking you away from your work during a busy day too. This remains especially true for the PC or laptop you’re using as it’s very easy to click away onto another site for a few minutes and lose ten! The rise in popularity of things such as esports and betting options at for example are prime examples of these online alternatives, and it may be worth seeking out software that can help prevent your access during work hours just so you’re not tempted by these small breaks, and there are many options to help out here.

Now may be the perfect time to buy cheap – With so many offices being forced to close and some adjusting to the shifting of employees, now may be the perfect time to pick up some great office furniture and hardware as the businesses that are offloading their excess may be doing so much cheaper. Some of the big brands are particularly expensive when buying from new given their design is to last for longer periods of time, and so you might be able to snag some top of the range items are a great discount and get your home office off to the right start – particularly if you’ve got the extra space for some of the bigger and higher ticket items too.

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