Proactive material on the Floor

Home construction projects can be dangerous. It’s easy to sustain any number of nicks, cuts, and bruises throughout the duration of a renovation project, but perhaps the real danger lies in what might happen to your floor. Since most renovations involve work on the appliances, cabinets, and ceilings of a home, it’s easy to forget about the surface you walk on — but hardwood floors can suffer a lot of damage that leaves unsightly scars behind unless you take the time to put protective material on the floor.

However, even the most protective material does little to prevent fire damage. That’s where Aqua ShieldTM comes in. This is a slick persistent, flame retardant material that comes in a variety of different thicknesses and will protect any type of surface from damage while you are building or repairing your home. It’s great for keeping the sawdust and dirt off the floor, and is even think enough to protect against damage that might be caused by heavy equipment like a forklift or a scissor lift.

This material comes up to 40 mm in thickness and just completely leak proof. It’s a great option if you are working on the upper floor of your home and need to remove the roof. It will protect against potential damage if your tarp springs a leak. Best of all, it has been tested and certified to NFPA-701 Test Method 2 flame retardant protection, so you do not need to worry about sparks catching the material on fire.

Different widths make it easy to find a size that fits your home:

  • 36’x15′
  • 36’x100′
  • 36’x393′
  • 72’x393′
  • 36×186′
  • 72×180′
  • 36×120′
  • 72×120′

If you need a different size than one of those listed above, just invest in the one closest to your needs and cut it to size. Despite the durability of this material, it is easy to modify it to fit your needs.

It comes any number of different sizes, including 10 millimeters, 25 millimeters, and 40 millimeters, and is available at Home Depot. You don’t have to go to a specialized retailer to find this protective material. Next time you have a major renovation project to complete, take the time to invest in a protective material to keep your flooring (and the lower floors of your home) safe from potential damage. Few things put a dampener on the celebration of a completed project quite like realizing a piece of equipment left a huge gouge in your hardwood floor.


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