Practical Tips for Taking Better Care of Your Laundry Appliances

Everyone with laundry appliances knows just how frustrating it can be to discover that their washing machine or dryer is no longer working as it should and now requires repairs. While help is only ever a phone call away, it is possible to take much better care of these important, and often costly, appliances than most of us currently are. And while it’s certainly advisable to have your appliances periodically checked and repaired by an experienced and qualified domestic appliance specialist, you can ensure your appliances deliver a longer lifespan and fewer issues by following these handy tips.

Consider What You Put in Your Washing Machine and Dryer

This really is an important point to make. The majority of problems with domestic and laundry appliances, more so washing machines than dryers, are caused by using the wrong kind of detergent (or too much) and not checking the pockets of clothes before putting them in the washing machine.

  • Use the right detergent – Some detergents are suitable for all washing machines whereas others aren’t. Check the packaging of the detergent that you’re currently using to ensure it’s suitable for your machine and also make sure you’re using the right amount of detergent.

  • Check your pockets – Not only could you drown something important, but items left in the pockets of clothes can damage washing machines and dryers, not to mention destroy your clothes. Hard objects, like coins, for example, can damage the barrel of these appliances.

What’s more, you should also pay close attention to the amount of clothing and other items that you wash or dry at a time. The more clothing, towels and bedsheets that you stuff in the washing machine or dryer, the greater the pressure that’s placed on the appliance and, therefore, the greater the risk of damage occurring. This is one of the most common reasons for the need for washing machine repairs in the UK but you can avoid this to a great extent by washing more frequently with fewer items in the machine.

Keep Your Laundry Appliances Clean

It really doesn’t take very much at all to keep laundry appliances clean both inside and out. As most people find, wiping down the appliances on occasion and when something is spilt is all that’s needed to keep the exterior of the washing machine and dryer clean and looking their best. However, many people tend to overlook the need to clean the inside of these machines, which is a common cause of many preventable problems that require the expertise of a local appliance repair specialist.

  • Keep the lid/door open – When you’ve taken the clothes out of the washing machine or dryer, be sure to leave the lid or door open for an hour or two. This helps to prevent bacteria and mildew from growing in washing machines and it also helps dryers to cool down quickly.

  • Check washing machines for detergent residue – A build-up of residue isn’t good for washing machines or your clothes. Wash away any residue you find and check to make sure you’re using the right detergent in the right quantities and not overloading the washing machine.

Additionally, you should also check the lint collector/trap on these appliances regularly to ensure that they’re free of lint which can interfere with how they operate and also leave clothes looking like they need to go through the wash again. It’s always a good idea to wash fluffy items, especially towels and fleecy clothes, separately so the fluff and lint doesn’t collect on other items of clothing.

Make Sure Your Washing Machine is Balanced

An unbalanced washing machine is a very common problem, one that we should all be aware of and look out for. When washing machines aren’t balanced equally, it places extra pressure on the entire machine and can cause major problems that are often very expensive to repair.

Checking to make sure the machine is balanced is a good place to start, but you should also take care to load it evenly, ensure it isn’t overloaded and make sure that towels and bedsheets aren’t washed on their own. If you consistently experience problems with the balancing of your washing machine, give your local appliance repair specialist a call and schedule a time for them to look at it as this will certainly help you to extend the lifespan of your appliances.

Periodic Servicing and Repairs

To keep your washing machine and dryer in optimal working condition and ensure these essential laundry appliances provide you with excellent service for many years to come, periodic servicing by a domestic appliance repair professional is a must. Newer appliances require less frequent servicing than older appliances but don’t overlook the opportunity to ensure the manufacturer’s warranty is kept in place by having all repairs carried out promptly when required.

  • Source a reliable provider of domestic appliance repairs – Online business listings are a great place to start, though be sure to focus on customer reviews, experience with your appliance brands, insurance cover and other important factors when searching for a suitable provider.

  • Have essential repairs seen to immediately – The longer essential repairs are postponed, the greater the propensity for damage. Basically, the longer repairs are put off, the greater the damage to the laundry appliance and the costlier the required repairs will ultimately be.

When sourcing a suitable appliance repair professional in your local area, don’t overlook the opportunity to source a specialist who can repair your laundry appliances as well as all your other domestic appliances, from the refrigerator and vacuum machine to the cooker and oven.

While it isn’t always possible to source a skilled professional who can repair all the appliances in one’s home, often due to residing in a small town/village with few service providers to select from, there are actually many businesses that can cater for all your domestic appliance repair and servicing needs. This means you can build a positive relationship with a single service provider, which has many benefits, like enjoying peace of mind and always knowing who to call when you need help.

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