Moving Home – The Essential Moving Checklist

Gloucester is an incredibly popular town, for several reasons: its excellent local schools, cultural attractions and competitively priced housing, not to mention its famous cathedral which appears in various Harry Potter movies. If you’re moving within the Gloucester area, here are some essential points to consider before moving.

Professional movers or DIY moving?

Unless you’ve only got a few household items to move, in which case a ‘van and man’ option might do the trick, you’ll have to weigh up how best to tackle moving. Ask yourself just how hands-on you want to be or if you’d prefer to farm all aspects of the move out to one of the many firms specializing in removals Gloucester offers.

If you’ve got a house full of belongings – that’s a lot of heavy lifting involved, which you’re probably not used to. And while hiring a van may seem a more economical option, by the time you factor in your own time, fuel, and all the necessary packing materials – it soon adds up.

How to save on movers

It’s worth doing some serious comparison shopping when it comes to hiring professional movers. Like many businesses they have their peak periods and often charge more during these times; think end of the month and beginning of the month, when most rental leases expire, or weekends when most people find it easier to organize moving.

If you can plan to move midweek, around the middle of the month, you may well find a more competitive quote from movers.

Reputation and references

There’s an enormous difference between services supplied by an established firm of professional movers and a firm which is just starting out. Bear in mind that you’ll be entrusting your family possessions and belongings to these people to transport them safely to your new home.

Make sure that you follow up on references of previous customers to find out how things went – and if they were fully satisfied with the service provided, before making a final decision.

Size matters

Whether you hire professional movers or simply hire a van to move yourself, make sure you get a moving van which is big enough to do it in one single trip. It will save you time and money. If you’re moving a house full of belongings – it might be best to opt for a professional removals firm simply to access a truck big enough to do it in one.

Don’t chance it

Before you move, check your home insurance policy to see if it covers all your belongings during a move. If not, it’s worth getting the coverage in place just in case the worst does happen. If you’re hiring professionals, make sure you are clear about exactly what their insurance covers during the moving process.

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