Is it Time to Replace Your Windows? Here Are 5 Common Warning Signs

You should never put off replacing your home’s windows if they need it. Faulty windows can damage your home and that damage is costly. If you are shocked at the proposed cost to replace your existing windows you’ll be even more shocked at the expense of water damage and structural repairs. How will you know if your windows are near the end of their lifespan? Here are five common warning signs.


1. Increased Utility Bills


If you’ve noticed a spike in your energy bills no matter the season, it might be time to replace your windows. Your windows and doors are part of your home’s defense against the outdoor elements. If you notice hot air coming through in the summer and cold air seeping in during the winter months, even if the windows are closed, your home is not as insulated as it should be and your HVAC unit must work harder. It’s time for an inspection and possible replacement.


2. Rough Openings


Another sign your windows are aged and warping is that they are hard to open and close. All windows are designed to operate smoothly every time you move them in their tracks. Sticking, squeaking, and/or difficulty indicates the window or window frame could be warped, the wall around the window is compromised, or both. If your windows are getting harder to open and close, have someone take a look at them to ensure everything is okay.


3. Leaks and Decay


This sign is obvious and a definite indicator it’s time for a change. Your windows should never leak during a rainstorm, nor should the frames decay around them. Both will happen over time, however, and it’s crucial to replace them before you end up with water damage or worse. Even during the summer leaking windows can introduce dirt, dust, and pollen into your household, and as mentioned above, the air that leaks in and out reduces your HVAC efficiency.


4. Increased Noise


Have you noticed lately that you hear every car drive down the street? Are you tired of listening to your neighbor’s music, yet he isn’t playing it that loud? As windows age, they lose their soundproofing, not only via the panes themselves but also through any cracks along the frame. Keep the peace in your household, or at least the outside noise level down with new windows. Energy efficient models reduce outside noise better than single-pane windows do.


5. Condensation


Finally, you may need a window replacement in Houston or elsewhere if you see condensation on your panes. Sure, that’s cool if it’s Halloween, but anytime else in the year spells a problem. Well, even at Halloween that means there’s a problem. If your home’s windows are fogging up, there’s a leak somewhere. Something isn’t right, and it could be a small pinhole of a problem or a much bigger issue. Either way, your home’s windows shouldn’t fog constantly.


These are the most common signs it’s time to replace your home’s windows. Aside from addressing the above concerns, new windows also beautify your home, increase its value, and save you money in the end. Yes, you will pay for your new windows and their installation upfront, but the utility bill savings alone will pay for them in no time.


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