How to Make Your Kitchen Even More High Tech


If you’re anything like me, you love spending time in the kitchen. I could linger for hours cooking, baking, and just relaxing, while making good food.

I live in an apartment, so my kitchen space is limited, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have cool toys in my kitchen to help make me a better cook. You might enjoy having some of these, too.

Kitchen cabinet tablet mount

I don’t own a single cookbook. I get all my recipes off the Internet and then I face the perils of setting up my iPad or laptop in a kitchen where things fall and splatter.

But this useful gadget hitches to the cabinet and keeps your high-tech gadgets and gizmos out of harm’s way. It’s also great if you want to watch movies, television shows, or, say, a Youtube video on how to break down a whole chicken properly or make a beurre blanc. This one’s made by Belkin.

Instant wine chiller

I’m not a huge drinker, so I inevitably forget which wines are supposed to be chilled. Thus, when I make a nice dinner or just fancy a glass of wine that’s supposed to be cold, I’m out of luck.

Ravi Solution has come up with, well, a solution. This gadget attaches to the neck of the bottle, at the interim between bottom and glass. You just set the temperature you want, the wine passes through the stainless steel tube, and voila: chilled wine.

You can do this to other liquids, if you want, and have super-cold Gatorade or something.

Countertop induction burner

If you go to IKEA, they have induction burners that boil a pot of water in seconds and simultaneously avoid setting fire to a piece of paper placed on the burner. It’s like some weird demon-devil magic. Or actually really cool magic.

But it isn’t magic at all, it’s just science. Living in an apartment doesn’t usually allow for replacing the oven (or just being able to afford one in the first place). Fagor essentially made a “hot-plate” with this type of burner on it; how cool is that? And they even include a pan when you order it.

Smart rice cooker

Although it’s a staple of almost every diet in the world, rice can be darn finicky to cook properly. It should be simple, right? It’s just water and rice.

But oh no. No, no, no. So many people invest in a rice cooker, especially when they cook rice often. So, how is this “Fuzzy” rice cooker any different? It can sense what type of rice is in the pot and adjusts the temperature and pressure to cook your rice properly.

More devil magic, right? I mean: more science. Really, really cool science.

Digital measuring cup

So, you know how, with a regular measuring cup, you have to lift it up to your eye level to check that the contents are correctly measured? And they have those fancy ones that are somehow slanted so you don’t have to do that? Well, this measuring cup is slanted AND it is also a scale.

Need three ounces of nuts for a recipe? Toss them into the measuring cup (while it’s docked on the scale/handle) and boom: you’ve got the weight! I’m making light of it, but this is actually a great tool. It can be a staple for any kitchen; and for small kitchens like you have in an apartment, a scale that essentially doesn’t take up any space is a definite plus.


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