How to Create a Luxurious Bathroom

Whether you are decorating your entire home or just fixing up a bit here or there, a beautiful bathroom is a luxury you can afford better than you think. Adding little details, throwing in a splash of color, or just organizing the bathroom clutter can make a huge difference in the way this room looks.

Using Paint or Wallpaper

Just a little color can turn an otherwise drab bathroom into a more vibrant room. But before you start a project, make sure your plumbing is in good working order. You don’t want to spend time and money fixing up a room that will have to be torn up later for repairs. Call AC Repair Sarasota to stop leaky faucets, check that your pipes are in good order, or repair that constantly running toilet.

Now that the plumbing is done, start with a neutral shade for the walls and pick a contrasting color or pretty wallpaper for an accent wall. Maybe just a little pizzazz is all you need to perk up the bathroom and wake you up in the morning. A couple of rolls of wallpaper are certainly less expensive than a full remodel.

Adding an Extra Touch

Many expensive bathrooms have a chair or stool of some sort. If your bathroom is large enough, add an overstuffed ottoman or dainty vanity chair to give a more luxurious look. Get rid of that old bath mat and replace it with a tufted wool rug that is soft and comfy under your feet. Another idea — find a pretty patterned rug to add color and sophistication. And, while you are making changes, buy a pretty mirror to replace the plain one that came with the house. Something with a frame gives you a rich look without costing a lot. If you can afford it, replace overhead lighting by framing the top of your mirror with round vanity lights. AC Repair Sarasota can help with that, too.

It’s the Little Things That Count



Image via Flickr by mcn2zst

Have you ever walked into a fancy bathroom and noticed that toiletries are placed in pretty containers? Try placing cotton balls in dollar store hurricane vases and tissues in decorative boxes. Use a brass or gold-colored towel ring to hang a pretty hand towel by the sink. You can also install decorative hooks or racks to replace the standard metal bars for bath towels and robes.

If there isn’t a linen closet for towels, display them in a wooden box or roll, and stack them in a pyramid on the back of the commode. Use a decorative basket to store extra toilet rolls, or use a tall acrylic vase to stack the rolls. Put counter items in cute containers like miniature teapots or clay pots. Giving everything a place reduces clutter and makes the bathroom look finished.

Redecorating your bathroom can be an expensive project. But, with a few less costly tricks, you can take an ordinary bathroom and create a beautiful, luxurious room. Try adding a couple of small accents to help clean up the clutter and add color, and you will be amazed at the results.


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