Great Stairway Designs to Spruce Up Your Home

A stairway is one of the most prominent architectural features inside a home. While this can make it challenging to enhance, a little creativity and beautiful railings are all it takes to transform an awkward staircase into a real showpiece. Whether you want to improve the look of your new home or prepare a property for sale, these ideas will get you started towards revitalizing your home’s appearance.

Wooden Staircases and Stair Features

Wood is a traditional building material that can be integrated into any style. Consider the possibilities of:

  • Farmhouse style in wood: Great for a staircase with solid sides. Use contrasting paint colors to highlight the woodwork. Simply adding fresh wood to the stair steps can really add new life.
  • Reclaimed wood planks: These are especially suited for railings. Large wooden planks can be found in numerous places; you will just need to add some finishing products to the surface to protect the material.
  • Wooden grid: An openwork vertical surface lets light fall on the staircase while also adding texture and depth to the space.
  • Cut fretwork: Decorative elements placed in the baluster space will add significant interest with only minimal effort.

A large, decorative standing post can also be placed at the bottom of a stairwell. This feature supports the balustrade and brings a touch of old fashioned elegance to any space. It is a great way to add visual weight and interest.

Metal Staircase Options

Metal is an affordable option that is ideal for many spaces. It can add considerable strength with relatively little material.

  • Wrought iron: Graceful, scrolling curves can be coated in many different finish options. Select wrought iron brackets or finials for a more affordable decorating solution.
  • Stainless steel: The material of choice for modern interiors, stainless steel can actually look right at home next to wood, too. Pair it with glass for a distinctly modern look.
  • Embellished metal: Select metal banister shafts with embellishments for a graceful and subtle touch of style.

Are Custom Elements the Right Choice?

Skilled craftsmen can create both Wood and metal staircase elements. The investment in custom rails, trim, and posts should be carefully considered. These additions may take a while to create, which can extend the construction phase. On the other hand, you will have a truly lovely and distinctive feature in your home that can add considerable value.

Elegant premade iron, aluminum, and steel stairway elements are attractive and affordable design options that are well suited to nearly every home. Even traditional wooden staircases can be brightened up with strategic metal elements.

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