Embracing Global Cultures through Interior Design

A house never truly becomes a home until it has been designed and styled to fulfil the individual tastes of the inhabitants, until each room has a sense of personality and a theme has been created. Modern interior design needs interpretation and creation to be perfectly incorporated within the home. Looking at global cultures and worldwide designs is one of the best ways to help inspire and develop an individual style.


Some of the best-loved interior features are inspired by other cultures, whether it is English antique cabinets, hand woven Asian rugs or sleek and artistic furniture from Sweden.


It is often easy to identify the design inspiration within a home, as many countries across the globe have distinctive interior design elements which unite to make a definitive style. The home provides the perfect and often only opportunity, to create a multi cultural space.


Translatable Global Cultures


Some of the most recognisable global trends are distinctive in their look, but are easy to incorporate into any home.


The typical British style is refined and detailed with heavy patterns and deep rich colours being used to create a regal. Furniture is typically antique and intricate and the design screams ‘country contemporary’.


Africa is a land of beauty, an environment that exudes rich colours and naturally warm tones. Typically inspired African themes are heavy on animal prints and patterns to reflect the common markings found in this exotic environment. Sheer fabrics in deep colours and natural wooden furniture in its dark and original form are also often present.


A highly modern and sophisticated look comes from the Italian part of the world, the very epitome of modern fashion and design. Think minimalist, monochrome, clean and clutter-free to create this highly styled look. The cool tones and soft shades allow an open plan, spacious environment to be created.


The Scandinavian influence features clean lines and lightwood with modern furniture and white, neutral tones that equate to functionality and practicality whilst incorporating quirky accents.


Individuality in the Home


One of the main trends within interior design, which is present year on year, is the need to have an individual style and to reflect this through the design choices and the ambience of the room.

individual home

Each of the most popular global design themes can easily be combined to create a perfectly unique home which offers a small taste of the exotic and elaborate nature of foreign inspired styles.


A principle within design that should be adhered to is functionality. The home needs to fulfil certain purposes and there is a need to ensure that any design correlates perfectly with this principle and is able to not only support the idea of a stylish and unique environment, but one that maintains the home’s practical purpose.


This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson.  Follow her on Twitter: @katht35


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