Easy to Adopt Ideas for Renovating Your Bathroom

While the kitchen may be the hub of every home, the bathroom is the hub of every homeowner. Often the space which sees us looking our worst as we transform ourselves into our best, the bathroom provides a private sanctuary, so it’s important that it includes as many creature comforts as possible. One of the greatest comforts is, of course, storage.

It doesn’t matter how small your bathroom may be; there are always opportunities to incorporate more storage space.

Under your sink is the perfect space to build a hamper which will house cleaning and beauty regime items which you will not use every day. This is also a good storage space for toilet paper to keep it out of sight (but always accessible).

If you enjoy treating yourself to one of Boston’s trendy Hair Salons, replace your standard mirror with one that opens up to hidden storage. This provides the perfect space to keep your after-care and treatment products which keep you looking your best in between appointments.

Often the biggest challenge in bathroom storage is where to keep bulky towels. A stylish frame which stands around your toilet and provides a large shelf above is the perfect space to keep your towels aired and easy to access as you come out of the shower.

Utilizing purpose-designed storage racks, attaching small hooks to the back of your bathroom door allows for a multitude of storage options. This space is often best used by larger electrical items such as hair straightener or hair dryer.

Keeping your soaps and shampoo bottle on the shower floor is a big no-no. Not only does it reduce your shower space, but it also provides the perfect space for germs and mold to grow if bottles are left unused. A storage rack which hangs around the shower faucet or handles provides an excellent way to lift these items off the ground.

While you may not spend a lot of time in the bathroom (or maybe you do), the time that you do spend is crucial to feeling and looking your best, along with a relaxing space to take some time to yourself as you enjoy a relaxing shower. These are great ways to keep it clear of clutter and help make it a stylish, functional and enjoyable space.

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