Dressing Up Your Decking

Warmer days are in the near distance, which means it’s time to dress your decking for the Spring/Summer! Decking is the perfect feature for any garden, supplying you with essential surface space that you can use to socialise, work and play on. One very strong benefit to decking is the ability to use it all year around, as well as the impact it can have on your gardens overall look and feel. Here is a selection of ways to dress your decking and enhance your garden, creating an aesthetically pleasing space to enjoy throughout the warmer months.

Create Comfort

When you introduce garden furniture to your garden it’s always a bonus to have a stylish surface space to use it on. You don’t have to worry about the table legs sinking into the grass, or about getting grass stains on your new favourite garden cushions. By creating a comfortable space in your garden, you are instantly giving it more purpose, which can then be utilised for social events like BBQs, garden parties and even just relaxing with some friends, basking in the sunshine and getting a glowing tan.

Added Privacy

Your decking is often a stylish area that is situated somewhere in your back garden, and whilst you may have a reasonable amount of privacy already, you can add to this privacy by creating a sectioned off area for your decking. To give your decking a little more character and a unique touch, why not look at introducing some stylish wooden walls to the area, you could also add a roof to this area and create a space that could even be used if the weather took a slight turn. Similarly, you may want to just add some tall plants to the outskirts of the decking to provide a little extra privacy without making too many changes to your current layout and style.

Bold, Bright Colours

Decking tends to be left in its classic brown design that is often brightened or darkened by some varnish. With this in mind, introducing bright pops of colour through additional furniture pieces will add character and style to your decking, making it stand out and create a beautiful focal point within your garden. For many, introducing a colour scheme to their garden is a really nice way of keeping your personal style flowing throughout your gardens design. You can do this through the choice of flowers used on your decking, as well as introducing furniture with coloured materials and details to emphasize your chosen colour style and scheme.

Introduce Greenery

Even though the garden is already filled with endless amounts of plants and hedges that surround the area, adding some beautiful greenery to your decking will add to the character and enhance the overall look. Dependant on your personal style, you can select all kinds of beautiful flowers such as peonies, lilies, roses, or you may be more interested in the bolder greenery options such as camellias, hydrangea and ferns that will add a dramatic touch to the decking and create a stunning focal point too.

Stylish Steps

You often find that decking is used in a raised area of the garden and therefore looks great when you introduce stylish features such as steps to make the area a little more practical and unique. There are so many different ways in which you can add steps to your decking, from using the same material and adding a smaller area of one or two larger steps, or you could look at creating a bolder feature with neat steps, complemented by some useful sides that have a raised bar to create more of a walkway feel. These different styles will work in different ways dependant on the garden style and size, so take into consideration the layout and size of your garden and go with the design that will work best for your decking area.

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