Distinctive herringbone floors for your home

They are easily recognizable because of their distinctive and mesmerizing pattern. It is, of course, the herringbone floors. The floors have been around for centuries but are as popular as ever. The herringbone floors are characterized by a distinctive almost geometric zig-zag pattern, which, without a doubt, takes your breath away the first time you see it in real life. It is so detailed that it is difficult to understand how this way of laying out a floor has been around for centuries. The wood planks are laid out in a way that requires large skill and precision. The planks are smaller and more rectangular than regular wood planks and are positioned so that one end of the rectangle meets the side of another, thus, creating an open triangle. This technique can be dated all the way back to the Roman Empire, which is quite impressive. It has been used up through the Middle Ages in Europe and came to the New World with the settlers. However, it was not until the 16th-century that the herringbone pattern was replicated using wooden flooring, before that it had been made in stone and tiles, which is equally impressive.

Be prepared to be seduced by the exclusivity of herringbone floors

Herringbone floors do not have to be archaic; you can easily incorporate the beautifully crafted floors into your home as they have become a timeless classic oozing of exclusivity. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and are unbelievably detailed. Herringbone flooring in modern homes – as well as older ones – will without a doubt catch the attention of every visitor and blow them away by the elegance it gives to the room. The floor is perfect for large open spaces like kitchens or living rooms and ads so much character to a simplistic interior design scheme – and as a bonus, they are very practical too. Herringbone floors come in various styles and timber. This is what makes every floor unique and adaptable to every space. The floors are super durable and can even be restored to their former glory if they should be so unlucky to suffer from human clumsiness. Have you been intrigued by the ancient herringbone technique, then you can see all herringbone floors here. Discover the traditional herringbone floors and be seduced by the complicated twin herringbone pattern.




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