Different Types of Shower Cubicles and Their Pros and Cons

Standard bathrooms typically have built-in bathtubs and showerheads. The style of modern bathrooms has shifted in recent years and an increasing number of homeowners are having shower cubicles or cabins installed instead of the typical bath and shower head setup. These shower cubicles could also serve as the focal point, especially of a master bathroom, as they come in varying sizes and designs. If you’re planning on getting one for your home, it’s recommended that you familiarize yourself first with the different options that you have. There are different types of shower cubicles around and knowing about them could help you in making the final and best choice. Here are some of the shower cubicle types and their advantages and disadvantages.

Walk-In Shower Cubicle

This type is growing in popularity nowadays as many owners are after the minimalist look. This one doesn’t have a door and the panels can be installed on all sides or just on two or three sides, depending on the position and the walls that these panels could be fixed to for support. This also opens up the area making it look more spacious. However, water should be directed to where the drain is or the other parts of the bathroom could get wet. Plus, there’s also less privacy since there’s no door.

Corner Shower Cubicle

Two walls are needed for support in this type of shower cabin. This one doesn’t require much space making it a good option for small bathrooms, although there are bigger corner showers in case you prefer this style but want to have more space when taking a shower.

Quadrant Shower Cubicle

This is like a corner shower but the difference is that its front is curved, which makes it even more of a space-saver. However, this also means smaller space in your shower area. Although like the previous option, this shower cabin is also a good choice, or shall we say a practical one, if your bathroom is really small.

Three-Sided Shower Cubicle

If your bathroom just has one free wall for the installation of your shower cubicle, then this could be your option. It has two panels and one side for the door. Although it’s more spacious in the shower area compared to the other types, it may not be as sturdy as the other options since you only have one wall for the support. However, choosing a trusted brand that creates reliable cubicles could solve this concern.

Corner Entry Shower Cubicle

If you want an even bigger space, then the corner entry shower cubicle is for you. It’s like the quadrant, but this one is square in shape so it gives you more room to move. It has two sliding doors in the corner, which also contribute to the space being saved.

Those are the different types of shower cubicles or cabins available in the market. Consider their pros and cons before making your decision and shop around to make sure that you get the best choice at the most reasonable price.

Image: freedigitalphotos.net by Freelart

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