Creating Curb Appeal for Your Home

Your home’s exterior is the first thing that guests will see.  You only have one chance to make a good first impression at home so it is important that your home looks its best.  Creating curb appeal is key for homeowners, buyers and sellers alike and there are plenty of things that you can do to make sure that your home pops from the road.

No matter whether you are trying to sell your home or want to continue living there, there should always be a focus on creating the appeal that grabs attention.  Homeowners and those remodelling their home will know that going the extra mile on the front of their house is important.


So what can be done to ensure that your home’s exterior lands favourable first impressions?


Sometimes all the exterior of your home needs to look at its best is a lift in the landscaping.  Landscaping is a critical part of curb appeal nowadays.  Aside from pruning bushes and shrubs, ensure that the lawn is mowed on a regular basis and look for ways to spruce up the yard with decorative plants and flowerbeds.

Front Door

Small cosmetic changes like updating the front door can make a surprisingly big impact.  An old door can be a real turn-off but adding a new door to the home is the perfect way to really make an entrance.  The front of your home can say a lot about the homeowner so choose a stylish front door and make a real statement.

Anglian Home and their upvc windows online offer a wide range of styles and materials to help you achieve the look that you are after.  Create a sense of style at your home and choose from a vast range of colours whilst providing the perfect welcome to your home.


Just like changing the front door can make a huge difference to your home’s curb appeal, so too can a lick of paint.  Changing the colours of gutters can make a really good impression.  Gone are the days of traditionally coloured black or brown guttering.  Instead choose colours that will frame the house whilst making the home really stand out from the crowd.

Decking and Driveways

Over the years, mould and mildew can collect on surfaces outside the home so getting these cleaned up can give a big boost to a property’s appearance.  Replacing or repairing cracked concrete and cleaning old decking will make the outside of the home look brand new.

Garage Makeover

Garage doors, if not looked after, can become an eyesore on a property’s exterior.  If you cannot afford a new door then spruce it up with a lick of paint and an arbour which will frame the door.  Growing vines and flowers along the side and across the top of the garage door can also create a charming focal point.

When cleaning up your home’s exterior, remember that everyone has their own style.  You do not need to impress with a particular style of décor.  Rather you are trying to present a simple, clean yet attractive home that exudes potential for guests and buyers.

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