Call In The Experts To Remove A Wasp Nest Without Risking Your Life

Every season, the prospects of wasps rears its ugly head for homeowners across the GTA. They are frequent pests in Ontario’s backyards and houses, building their nests in trees, bushes and tree branches. They can turn a backyard into a nightmare for both children and adults.By hiring a certified Ontario exterminator, homeowners decrease the risk of injury when dealing with an infestation of yellow jackets or baldfaced hornets. There are many advantages to hiring professionals to deal with an infestation near your home. Doing it yourself can be a bad idea, especially if the nest is in a difficult to reach place. Despite over-the-counter products available at hardware stores, if it’s up in an eave or a window, you may risk falling from rooftops or ladders, or having nowhere to go when the hive attacks.

The Right Chemicals

The most trustworthy companies use insecticides such as Demand CS and Prelude 240 for yellow jackets, cockroaches, ants and bedbugs. They are safe for the environment, pets, children and pregnant women. While different pesticides have different requirements, as a general rule of thumb, interior use will require that you be out of your home for 4 hours. If a nest is outside of your home, your primary concern will be keeping your children and pets indoors during the removal. When choosing a pest control professional, property owners should do their homework on certified Ontario exterminators. Reputable companies employ experienced technicians that are certified by the Ministry of Environment and can present proof in the form of an Ontario extermination card. 


Yellow jackets and baldfaced hornets pose a real danger to individuals with allergies, as a sting can send them into anaphylactic shock and they may must be treated with epinephrine within minutes. Even those who are not at risk of an allergic reaction may face serious injury. A yellow jacket can stung multiple times as they lack any barbs in the stingers, and they actually release a pheromone that calls other members of their colony to come and attack the target. A situation can turn dangerous in a very short amount of time, so it is best not to chance the stings and hire a professional instead. They already have the right protective gear to keep themselves unharmed during the procedure.

Young children, the elderly, pregnant women and individuals with known allergies are at the most risk. Keep your family safe; contact the professionals for wasp removal in Toronto. The possibility of an attack is far more dangerous than the chemicals used to remove the pests. Even if you’re careful around their presence, you never know when a rowdy child or a dog might upset a low-lying hive.


Companies that offer warranties, such as Ontario-based Toronto Pest Exterminators, will follow-up on their service to make sure that you have a zero pest home, inside and out. Often, nothing short of the complete eradication of a pest problem will keep it from returning later on. When issues persist, a protection plan will have you covered. Experts like those at Toronto Pest Exterminators come with top of the line protective gear to keep them out of harm’s way if a colony turns on them. Without fearing an attack, they thoroughly and patiently eliminate the nuisance. Come spring, don’t let wasps even get started. Take back your backyard this year.

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