Bedroom Style for a Good Night’s Sleep

It may not seem like an obvious factor, but your bedroom can actually play a huge part in how well you sleep at night. It’s not always down to eating too close to going to bed, or down to the wind disturbing you, your lack of sleep can actually be caused by the way you keep your bedroom and the style you choose to go for. Here are a few ways in which you can tweak your bedroom, the ensure a good night’s sleep.

First things first, in order to have a proper night’s sleep you need to ensure your bedroom is clean and tidy. This may sound obvious, however if you feel your room is messy and cluttered, your mind will constantly be working and you’ll be unable to relax. If your room is tidy, your mind will be too. Giving your room a good spring clean, throwing away any items that have been sat in the same place for months gathering dust, and having a thorough clean will lift the rooms atmosphere and create a fresh, positive feel.

Colours also play a key part when it comes to being able to wind down and relax, as colours have a large effect on the brain. Whilst it may not seem like colours can affect your mood, they can, and it’s important to get the right balance to create the perfect atmosphere for you. The best colour schemes to go for consist of creams, beiges, blues, pinks and yellows. These colours are all calming and help the brain to relax. Bright, bold colours are likely to keep the brain stimulated and switched on, which you don’t want when you’re trying to get to sleep.

Making sure that your furniture is positioned correctly is another way to help get the sleep you desperately want. Having your bed facing away from both doors and windows, as well as introducing a headboard will make a huge difference The headboard will help to create a sense of stability too. If you have items such as a large oak wardrobe and chest of drawers, try and keep them out of your eye line when in bed. You’ll notice a huge difference when it comes to settling down and going to sleep.

How your room feels and smells can be very effective too. Having a gentle, relaxing atmosphere will really help you switch off and wind down, and it’s really easy to create this kind of atmosphere. Start by adding fresh bed linen, this will become inviting and cosy when you’re getting into bed. Purchasing some candles or incense is another great tip. By adding candles, you can create a beautiful glow that will really help you to relax, and the scent will also work really well at creating the perfect aroma. Similarly, incense will just add to the rooms overall feel and create a gorgeous sanctuary that you can escape from the rest of the world and relax in.

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