Bath or Shower Enclosure? Why Showers are a Better Choice

Bathing is traditionally done in one of two ways – either by soaking in a bath full of hot water, or by showering under running water. Either way, the result is a nice clean feeling as well as a relaxed mind. There are, however, multiple benefits that a shower offers that you can’t receive from a hot soak in the bath. Here is a short list of advantages to show why showers are often a better choice:

  • Baths take up more space

Especially in smaller bathrooms, installing a bathtub can be a serious hassle – or even, we might add, an impossible task. Even in bathrooms that are big enough to accommodate a bath, the bath tends to clutter the area and give the bathroom a congested feel. Showers, on the other hand, free up space and give the room a less cramped atmosphere.


  • Cheaper to use

Baths require a lot of water; the bath must be at least half full before you can leisurely lie down and enjoy your bath experience. What’s more, after a fifteen-minute soak, the water tends to cool down quickly, which forces you to get rid of the old water and replace it with a fresh, hot water. Meanwhile, showers save a lot of water – a person taking a shower will actually use only a third of that required by an average bathtub.

  • It’s faster

Taking a bath may be very relaxing, but it takes time to prepare and enjoy it. It could take up to thirty minutes to fill the tub with hot water. Washing yourself also takes a lot longer – washing your hair in the tub can sometimes be an awkward experience. Showers are quick and handy, whilst simultaneously providing more comfort and convenience for cleanliness.

  • Showers are cleaner

Yes, showers are cleaner, and this makes sense when you think about it. Although taking a soak in the bath will leave you with a clean and refreshed feeling, you are actually sitting in water that is no longer fresh after a while. Showers don’t have that disadvantage – in a shower, the used water, dirt, and soap is immediately drained away.

  • Showers give you a mini-massage

The showerhead sprays out thin streams of water over your body, and this actually works like a small massage; your nerves are prickled and this gives you an invigorating and energising bathing experience. In fact, modern showers give you the option of regulating the pressure, so that users can actually opt to have certain areas of their body stimulated; nerve endings are pressed, like in an acupuncture or pressure-point massage session.

There are obviously many more advantages to having a shower enclosure or shower cabin installed rather than opting for a bathtub; not only is it a matter of space and economics, there are hygiene and health issues to consider as well.

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