8 Ways to Revive Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the one room that can begin to look tired and worn in a short space of time. With the constant everyday use, being the hub of social interaction and meal times, the kitchen is a room that is easily neglected and looked past when it comes to décor maintenance. It’s incredible just how much of a difference making simple changes to your kitchen can make, as well as keeping things cost efficient and simple. Here are 10 ways in which you can update and revive your kitchen, enabling it to fit in perfectly with the rest of your home.

Theme and Style

One very easy and effective way to revive your kitchen without spending an arm and a leg is to decide on a new theme or style, and add a lick of paint. Whether you decide to create a statement feature wall, or simple re-paint the walls with a brand new colour, this updated touch will really bring your kitchen back to life and create a strong, fresh look.

Worktops and Doors

When it comes to kitchen design, purchasing a brand new set of units can often become very expensive. There is however a cheaper, yet still just as effective alternative, and that is replacing features such as unit doors, worktops or even simply re-painting your units. If you find some replacement kitchen doors that would work really well with your kitchens style, you are instantly adding a new touch to the kitchen, and the whole unit set will look brand new. The great thing about replacing your kitchen doors if you simply have to choose the style or colour, everything else will stay the same. If you feel that replacing your doors isn’t something you wish to do, then painting your units will work just as well. Fresh coats of paint add a huge burst of life and help to lift a rooms atmosphere and feel.


One thing that helps to create the perfect atmosphere in any room is your lighting. The perfect thing about lighting is that you have the control over how bright, what colour tone and so on. There are so many different types of lighting available for kitchens, from spotlights to wall fittings, so you can always find the right lighting style for your home. Many homes now have a dimming facility in their kitchens, as this allows you to control exactly how bright or dim you wish your room to be, for example you may want more of a relaxed, dimmed setting if you have friends over for a glass of wine. The tone of your lighting can also make a large difference to how your room feels. Warmer, yellow tones help to create a soft, relaxing atmosphere, whereas you can opt for a whiter tone that will generate a bright, fresh, crisp feel.

Backsplash Details

Having statement features in any room is always a really easy way to update a room. When it comes to the kitchen, the perfect statement feature would be your backsplash. The backsplash can be made of all kinds of materials, from tile to ceramic, dependant on the style of your kitchen. Having a bold, colourful or even detailed backsplash will add a modern touch to your kitchen, as well as injecting a new lease of life into the room.

Introducing an Island

Not all kitchens are designed with the space to fit an island, however if you have the space, an island can work really well to help with both reviving the room, whilst also adding a very practical touch. Having a kitchen island will enable you to have more access to worktop space, whilst also providing additional storage space for those items that never seem to have a home. Islands are a really modern touch and help to create a strong, stylish look to your kitchen.


Like any room, new furniture will always be a go to option for updating and reviving the overall look. Introducing items to your kitchen furniture wise will instantly update the room and create a fresh look. Adding items such as a dining area with seating, or similarly a set of chairs to sit and socialise with your friends over a glass of wine, introducing new items such as these will simply revive your kitchen and add a fresh touch.

New Appliances

Sometimes it’s not just about making your kitchen look new and updated in order for it to have been revived. As one of the most used rooms in the home, the kitchens appliances can often become tired and dated, which can then create a domino effect for the rest of the room. Once you identify that part of your kitchen feels tired, you may then feel this about the whole room. Investing in new appliances is a great way to inject life to your kitchen and feel fresh and excited about the items you have to use. Whether you go for matching appliances to make a fun statement, or you go for items that will really work well for you, your kitchen will seem instantly new and revived from adding new appliances.


If you don’t want to make any large, drastic changes yet you feel your kitchen is in need of something new, adding new accessories will really help you to achieve this. There are the simple, small accessories such as photographs in elegant frames, candles in beautiful holders or even a nice stand for your favourite cookbook. Then there are the larger accessories such as artwork, adding new artwork to your kitchen will help to add character as well as revive the room. You could also look to add new rugs, a new clock or even new curtains, as these simple yet bold changes will really make a difference and create a beautiful look.

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