5 Signs it’s Time to Think about Boiler Installation

You definitely don’t want to deal with a broken boiler in the middle of winter. A boiler breaking down unexpectedly is a problem at any time of the year, but in the winter it is particularly problematic. You need your boiler to be reliable and efficient, and if it is not it could be time to think about a new boiler installation. So how do you know definitely that your boiler is on the way out? Here are some crucial signs.


  1. House Not Sufficiently Heated

Do you always feel that your home is cold but you seem to be spending a fortune on your energy bills? Do rooms take forever to get warm, or the water takes a long time to heat up? If so, your boiler could be on its way out. Older boilers are not as energy efficient as new boilers. If you switch your boiler for a new boiler installation you will likely see a marked improvement in how well your home is heated, for the same amount of money or less.


  1. Unusual Noises

A boiler may make a few sounds as it works, but there should be no popping or hissing sounds, nor should there be any loud knocking. If you hear any unusual noises your boiler definitely needs a service and may need replacing sooner rather than later.


  1. Constant Need for Repairs

You can repair a boiler once and continue to function with it well, but if you constantly have to make repairs it is time to replace it with a newer model. It is expensive, inconvenient, and above all time-consuming to have to deal with an unreliable boiler. Much better to bite the bullet and invest in a new boiler so you no longer have to worry about the repairs.


  1. Old Boiler

If your boiler is over the age of 10 years then you may need to replace it – over 15 years old and you definitely need to think about an upgrade. Boilers do not last forever and an old boiler will cause you constant problems until it breaks down completely.


  1. Water Leaks

If you see a leak escaping from the boiler it could be a sign that it needs replacing sooner rather than later. Not only will a leaking boiler cause problems for your carpet and your furnishings, it could also present problems in terms of a dangerous carbon monoxide leak.


With boilers you do need to be careful that you are not trying to prolong the life of a piece of equipment that is never going to function efficiently or even safely. Sometimes it is clear that a new boiler is the essential next step to take.


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