4 Pests That Can Make Your HVAC Unit Their Home

There are many factors that might affect the efficiency of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit. From common HVAC problems to those that might require more in-depth repair, you might experience a variety of issues with your unit from time to time. However, one you may not have considered is how local pests might wreak havoc with your HVAC system. From small mammals to frightening reptiles, there are several different kinds of pests that might decide to make their home there.


1.      Snakes


Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles that seek out warm, dark places to make their den. They can also climb and squeeze into small holes, and they may enter your HVAC ductwork to hibernate during the winter. While most adult snakes are too large to enter your home via heating ducts when the weather turns warmer, they may lay eggs in your ductwork and cause an infestation of newborn snakes. Keeping your backyard grass short and snake-proofing the perimeter of your home can keep these creatures at bay.


2.      Mice


Mice are one of the most adaptable rodents on the planet and can make their nests almost anywhere. They will usually seek shelter out of the cold or heat and can squeeze themselves into the smallest of spaces to gain entrance to your home. Mice nests can block HVAC ducts and their hair, nesting materials, and droppings can all have a negative effect on your home’s air quality. Discourage these rodents by cleaning up wood piles, ensuring your roof is well sealed, and using outdoor trash cans with lids that snap or screw down tightly.


3.      Wasps


There are several different species of wasps in North America, and unlike the beneficial honeybee, these insects can be highly aggressive and do not die when they sting. They tend to build nests in the late spring and summer and are most active during the daylight hours, when they create and defend nests and find food.


Wasps that build nests near your roof or near your enclosed outdoor HVAC system can create a serious safety hazard to people and pets. Hanging traps near vulnerable areas and having existing nests treated by an exterminator can reduce the risk of them invading your ductwork or damaging your outdoor unit.


4.      Cockroaches


Cockroaches are the ultimate opportunist insect and can live virtually anywhere. However, they prefer dark, undisturbed spaces, which makes your HVAC ductwork a haven for them. These unwelcome pests can seriously affect your unit with their nests, feeding, and breeding, and their droppings can cause illness if they are left untreated. Scheduling regular ac repair maintenance can prevent these insects from nesting inside your ductwork and ensure that you and your family are not bothered by their noxious presence.


As a homeowner, dealing with annoying rodents and insects might be something you are used to. However, when they invade your HVAC unit, they can cause considerable damage and pose a safety hazard to your family. Knowing how to prevent these pests from making your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system their home can reduce the risk of costly repairs and keep occupants of the great outdoors in their place.


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