Yes You Can: DIY Skills That Aren’t as Challenging as you Might Think

If you are a bit of a DIY enthusiast you may be in a position where you will have built your confidence having completed a few successful jobs but might just be holding back on something a bit more challenging because you think it may be too difficult.


Although some jobs might be best left to a pro there are actually a number of DIY skills that are not beyond your abilities and can often be easily mastered.


Here is a look at some of them, including how to get to grips with keeping your heating and cooling system running,


Give your system a seasonal check up


You might be used to calling a local engineer to come and give your furnace or air-conditioning system an annual checkup and service but it is perfectly possible to carry out some of the routine maintenance yourself.


You do have to be mindful about working with oil and gas heaters and the prospect of exposing yourself to carbon monoxide poisoning but replacing the air filters and clearing away dirt and debris that might have built up around the coils is easy.


As well as saving money by doing it yourself you will be helping clear the airflow and ensure the system is running efficiently.


Hole in the wall need fixing?


A basic DIY skill to acquire is being able to patch up a hole in your wall or repairing some damage to your floor, for example.


Small holes are not too difficult as they can be quickly filled with caulk but it might be the larger cavities that you are a bit nervous about taking on.


Repairing minor drywall damage might take a few goes at repeating the process with some drying time in between and it is more a case of showing patience than needing a special set of skills to do a professional job of repairing an unsightly hole.


Unblocking a drain


Plumbing problems are a classic DIY conundrum as the prospect of water running loose in your house when something goes wrong with your repair is often enough to tempt you to just call a plumber.


There are some plumbing jobs that do require professional intervention but things, like unblocking your drain or successfully clearing a plug-hole, can often be tackled with a degree of confidence.


Having the right tools for fishing things out that are causing the blockage will help and you can get them here, also,  having a good set of drain rods fitted with a rubber plunger will be essential if you are going to clear a drain blockage yourself rather than call a plumber.


Other plumbing jobs that you can do yourself include replacing a faucet and stopping a running toilet, which will save you money on repair charges and make you feel that you are more competent at DIY than you might have thought.


If you are thinking of a new DIY challenge, have a bit more confidence and after reading through the instructions, you might just want to give it a go.

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