Why Satellite Internet Service Is the Best Option for Your Home

Satellite Internet delivers the ability to go online through a satellite dish attached to your home. Signals are transferred from a satellite in orbit. Satellite Internet consists of just an outdoor dish, a router and your computer. You can play games, watch streaming media and browse the web just like with any other type of Internet access. Here are some reasons why satellite Internet is the best choice for your home.

High Speed Transfers

One of the main benefits of satellite Internet is that it allows for high-speed transfers. Other forms of Internet access like dial-up and digital subscriber lines, or DSL, rely on phone cables and switching stations to transmit data. This can severely limit your maximum speed depending on the area and the state of the phone lines. Satellite Internet can often transmit data at much faster speeds than dial-up or DSL consistently for long periods of time. This lets you see more online faster.

It Is Always On

If you are using dial-up Internet access, then you know that you must dial into your provider every time you want to go online. This can be incredibly inconvenient especially if you use the Internet frequently. Satellite Internet is superior because it is always on. Your computer will be constantly connected to the Internet day and night. This means you can jump on your computer and access the Internet any time you want without having to initiate a connection or call a number.

Get Internet Access Anywhere

All wired forms of Internet access have limitations on service areas. This is true for DSL, dial-up and cable. If a physical line is not running directly to your home, then you cannot get service. A major benefit of satellite Internet is that it is available almost everywhere. With satellite Internet service, all you need is the dish pointing towards the sky in the right direction. There are basically no restrictions on location as long as you have a clear view of the sky. This is incredibly beneficial if you live in a rural area.

Phone Lines Stay Open

A major problem that comes with using something like dial-up is that you must sacrifice a phone line while using the Internet. You cannot make outgoing calls using dial-up. Additionally, if someone picks up the phone while you are online, then you could be knocked offline and lose anything you were downloading. Satellite Internet does not use your phone lines. It uses a completely different cable connected to a modem and the satellite dish. This means your phone lines stay open with satellite Internet.

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