Which Locks Are the Most Dependable for Your Doors

There are different types and brands of locks available. Naturally, they are not the same when it comes to quality. You have to look for the product that meets your standards. To help you narrow down your options, consider the recommendations discussed below. 

Dependable Locks for Your DoorsBest Door Lock Types

FC locksmith recommends deadbolts for most doors. Unless you have sliding doors, deadbolt locks should be a good fit for your home or office’s door. They are simple locks that basically secure doors by attaching the door to the jamb using a solid grade 1 or 2 metal. A rotating device controls when the metal locks or disengages. Deadbolts enable solid attachment and are great as reinforcing locks for locks that already come with most door knobs. If you install new locks, it is advisable to have a deadbolt lock along with a door chain or limiter.

For French doors, mortise sash locks or deadlocks are recommended. They can only be opened by using a key so they are not easy to disengage even when the glass on the French door is removed. They are like typical deadlocks but without the lever that can be used to quickly open the lock from inside the house. You may want to change locks if you are still using a typical deadbolt for your French door.

Best Lock Brands

Chubb 3g114 is one of the best mortise locks available. It is a favorite among professional locksmiths and is considered as one of the most recommended 5-lever lock based on the opinions of insurance companies and security specialists. It is not cheap but it certainly affords a great level of security.

The Walsall Detainer is also a good option. It is a mortise lock with robust case and a big bolt that makes for great door to jamb attachment. It is designed to be very difficult to pick and locksmiths regard it as one of the trickier locks to open non-destructively. This lock certainly is one of the best although it is not that popular in stores.

Other quality lock brands worth mentioning are Yale, Omnia, Schlage, Kwikset, Weiser, and Weslock. They can offer similar deadlock, mortise, and nightlatch locks. You just have to carefully look for the best product to get. If you are looking for electronic locks like those that employ keyless entry systems, you can also look for products offered by these brands.

The Bottom Line

Although the locks mentioned here are considered as some of the best available, it is important to remember that they are only as good as their installation. If they are not properly installed, they will just end up getting easily defeated. You may want to ask for the assistance of a professional residential locksmith if you are not sure about what to do. A reliable locksmith in Toronto would likely recommend the things mentioned above, along with other useful insights.

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