Ways to Decorate a Rented Property

It can be difficult to make a rented property feel like a home, but if your landlord is nice enough to let you decorate, then putting your own stamp on the property will certainly help to create a homely atmosphere. Whilst bold, bright décor styles may not be as desirable to the landlord, sticking to a neutral colour scheme and adding colour through furniture and additional items will work really well. Here are a few tips to help you get started on making your rented property feel much more like a home.

Add Wallpaper

Whilst painting the walls may be a little permanent and not ideal for a rented property, you can find certain wallpaper brands that can actually be easily removed without making a huge mess. The beauty of wallpaper is the variety and choice available. From neutral colours to bold, unique designs, you can choose a style and design that works for you and will help to add character to your rented property, making it feel cosier.

Plenty of Colour

It may seem like a challenge to introduce colour to a home without splashing paint all over the walls, but it’s actually really easy to introduce colour in other ways. Once you’ve decided on the style you want for your interiors, think about the furniture and décor details that you want to add to the property. Once you know what you want, you can begin to look for colourful pieces that will enhance your interiors and create a really homely feel. By introducing colour to your home, you can also influence your mood. Certain colours are ideal for creating a positive, motivating atmosphere, just as others are great for a relaxed, content feel.

Bold Furniture

Surrounding yourself with stylish furniture that helps you have a comfortable, relaxing experience in your home is perfect for making the property cosy and welcoming. Knowing you have a cosy space to go home to makes having your own space so much more enjoyable. By adding certain, bold pieces of furniture to a rented property, you can add character to the room whilst also making it look really good. Dependant on the size of your property, you may want to introduce stylish features that make a bold focal point. You can make focal points with just about anything, from a stunning headboard in your bedroom, to a grand sofa with brightly coloured scatter cushions.

Personal Décor Touches

Introducing personal items to your home may seem like an obvious choice, but it makes a surprisingly large impact on the overall look and feel of the property. By adding items that reflect your personal style and make you feel good, you can really make your living space feel much more personal to you and therefore you’ll feel much more relaxed and content. Displaying artwork on your walls or flat surfaces is the first personal touch that can really lift the atmosphere within the room. Similarly, adding some family photographs in stylish frames to your oak sideboard, or beautiful, fresh flowers in a statement vase on the kitchen worktop will enhance the area and create a really personal, homely feel. You can then look at introducing DIY pieces to the property that will help you save money, as well as giving you something to be proud of! There are lots of fun ways to lift the atmosphere within your home through DIY, such as crafting your own wine rack for the kitchen, DIY coasters for your dining table and even a cute little frame to put your favourite family photograph in. These simple yet creative features will emphasise your personal style and put your own stamp on the current décor.


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