Unique Kitchen Countertop Style Ideas

For many families, the kitchen is the main gathering spot and center of life in the home. Creating a design that captures your family’s unique point of view can be a challenge in today’s era of cookie cutter looks throughout the country’s neighborhoods. One way to get a different look in your kitchen is to start with the countertops. Here are five unique kitchen countertop style ideas that could inspire a new design direction for this important room.

1. Reclaimed Wood

Many homeowners are discovering the timeless look of reclaimed wood with flooring or homemade furniture. You can also try getting reclaimed wood for your countertops to give this space a brand new look. One great thing about using reclaimed wood is that you can help reduce your carbon footprint a tiny bit by reusing a material. Also, the process of searching for the perfect slab of wood can be a fun treasure hunt you take on with your family. You may have to look through vintage sales, salvage shops, or estate auctions to get the piece that complements your kitchen.

2. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is not a new look for the kitchen, but it is something that is less common in households. This durable and convenient material is mostly found in commercial kitchens, so it may be a great choice if you plan on doing some heavy-duty cooking in your new kitchen. Stainless steel is also a great option for those who are going for a more modern style or a look that stresses industrial accents. There are even ways to make stainless steel an antimicrobial surface for your kitchen.

3. Glass

Glass as a kitchen countertop material is another option for homeowners who want something a little less ordinary. Glass is a very versatile material, and you can customize your look depending on the design style you most prefer. You can get colored or shaped glass countertops all in one piece, or you can try glittery glass mosaic countertops for something even more dazzling. Another way to make your kitchen your own is to choose a custom print or piece of artwork to cover your entire kitchen counter space and cover it with a clear glass countertop for durability.

4. Artistic Natural Stone

Natural stone, like granite, is a very popular look for many kitchens around the nation, but there are still ways you can make your stone countertop your own. Choosing your own unique slab from a dealer like the stone connection can help you avoid a uniform look. You can also elect for a different cut style, instead of the typical straight or rounded corners.

5. High-Tech Countertops

Some families are making their countertops not just about style but about function. High-tech interactive countertops may start to increase in popularity. Current styles allow for hidden range tops to live within a sleek countertop surface. Additionally, some manufacturers are adding tablet features and other tools to help make cooking even more convenient.

Creating a totally unique design for your kitchen may mean you’ll need to consider alternative styles of countertops. Consider getting some of these unusual designs added to your plans for your space.


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