Understanding the Importance of Air Conditioning

Across the southern United States, air conditioning has become a key component of contemporary life. In the so-called “Sun Belt”, daily summer temperatures exceed 90 and even 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite this harsh environment, the population over the past century has flourished in no small part due to the development of modern AC systems. The innate complexity in these systems ensures they will periodically require maintenance by a professional technician. When the need for fish hawk air conditioning repair unexpectedly arises, especially at the height of summer, it can cause a lot of problems.

Discomfort in the Building

In America, nearly all new buildings are constructed with some form of air conditioning. In fact, certain kinds of modern buildings practically cannot exist without it. For instance, a big city skyscraper full of offices and high-rise apartments. The constant high winds buffeting its upper floors are unsuitable to natural ventilation. There are similar struggles in ventilating the interiors of large buildings such as shopping malls. This lack of ventilation combined with an excess of heat will make the tenants uneasy and the workers lethargic, and possibly much worse.

Hostile to Health

A certain amount of discomfort is a minor issue relative to the serious health effects which can occur on hot days without access to AC. Exposure to intense heat can bring about the condition of heat stroke, which is characterized by fever as the body fails to maintain its core temperature. Left unchecked, heat stroke can quickly cause fainting and even death. Simultaneous sweating means that the body is losing more liquid than it can take in. This causes dehydration, which in severe cases may require a trip to the hospital. These conditions pose a particular threat to children, the elderly, and others with weaker immune systems, as well as to our more sensitive canine companions.

Technical Difficulties

Temperature regulation via AC isn’t just helpful for the human body, but also for many machines on which we depend. Large data center computers and other industrial equipment can generate intense heat, which must be offset by air conditioning to stop the machines from overheating. Even common cell phones become unusable in temperatures over 95 degrees. Just as importantly, air conditioning decontaminates the air in hospitals and laboratory clean-rooms.

Whether at home or work, reliable air conditioning is critical for surviving the southern summer. It’s a good idea to receive regular servicing from an AC professional, before a sudden breakdown makes major trouble.


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