Top 5 Wireless Home Security Systems Compared

Wireless home security systems provide more protection to our homes than traditional systems do. The traditional home surveillance systems offer protection through phone lines and power outlets. The modern wireless systems, on the other hand, are backed by powerful batteries and cellular lines. The traditional security systems are not foolproof since they are rendered useless if the phone lines are cut. However, the wireless systems will continue to function even if the power goes out or the phone lines are cut. Are you planning to install a new home security system? If yes, then please go through these reviews of the top companies offering home security systems and choose wisely. Here are the top 5 Wireless Home Security Systems Compared.

Top 5 Wireless Home Security Systems Compared

Frontpoint, LiveWatch, Protect America, LifeShield and Vivint are a few security systems that have set envious standards of excellence in home security. Here the top 5 companies reviewed for you.

Frontpoint: FrontPoint has been in the home security industry for seven years and has a superlative wireless security system along with an equally good monitoring system in the offing. The wireless systems made available by the company have almost all the features required to protect our house from inside out. Besides the reliable door and window sensors, FrontPoint offers you broken glass sensors, security cameras that can be placed both inside and outside your house, temperature monitors and home automation. It is one of the very few companies that can detect natural gas leaks in your vicinity. Plus the company offers you easy-to-understand online tutorials to guide you regarding the usage of its products.

Protect America: Unlike FrontPoint, Protect America does not offer you natural gas leak alert. However, it has three separate monitoring stations to make sure that no emergency call goes unanswered. The company is an authorized GE security dealer which provides you wireless security systems without any activation or installation fee. The presence of three monitoring stations guarantees that if one of these stations fails, the other two stations will chip in to pick up the call. So, you are rest assured that your home is protected 24 hours. If you are looking for a more substantial review of Protect America’s plans, then I would recommend It offers you exhaustive customer feedback of home security systems.


Vivint is counted among the best of home security systems out there. It has a fast response time. Plus, it can identify almost any type of security concern posing a threat to your house. It responds within 9 seconds of alerts triggered by broken glass, carbon monoxide and flood among others.

LiveWatch: LiveWatch is a favorite with users since they can customize the entire package offered by the company. Yes, you have the liberty to pick each piece of the surveillance system. It is cost-effective and since you can customize the entire home security gear, you can actually have complete control over it. One drawback of LiveWatch is that they don’t offer you professional installation facilities.

LifeShield: LifeShield offers you a wide array of easy-to-install wireless alarm systems so that you are not required to resort to professional help for installation and shell out a huge amount of money for the same. Their monitoring system offers protection against fire, carbon monoxide, intrusion and flood.

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