Tips For Decorating A Nursery

That special day is almost here. Soon you’ll bring your new bundle of joy home from the hospital for the first night in the newly decorated nursery. This is an exciting time for a new family. Maternity is a time of natural nesting. No doubt you’ve been through the closets and refolded the baby’s new clothes many times. Deciding how to decorate a nursery can be challenging. Follow these tips to make the process easier and get the outcome you desire. Even if you’ve not learned the sex of your new baby, its simple and great fun to decorate a nursery that will take your newborn well into their toddler years. Some parents like to choose a nursery theme and have accessories and colors give a nod to the theme. The trick is to not over play a theme. While the room should be stimulating, it’s easy to overwhelm a toddler with too much stimulation.


Select a paint color that is soft and relaxing. Save the overly bright colors for accessories and bedding. When the room has been painted, the next step is to install window treatments. Avoid floor to ceiling panels or treatments that have low hanging cords. The window treatment should be able to block out the daylight in order to make nap time and early bedtimes easier for your baby. The large pieces of furniture should be limited to a changing table which should double as a dresser as well as a crib that can transition to a single bed and finally a comfortable adult chair for feeding and reading. Limit the amount of furniture in the room. Much time will be spent playing on the floor. A basket with books and another with toys should suffice until the baby is much older. Finally, select bedding that is easy to launder. The finishing touch on the crib is a mobile. Your baby will be fascinated watching this for hours in the crib.

Enjoy your new bundle of joy and the new nursery you’re decorated. Many wonderful memories will be made in this room. The time will fly by – enjoy every minute!

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