The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving is stressful enough without worrying that you’re going to forget something. Use this comprehensive checklist and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. This guide assume you’ve already found a place to live. If that’s not the case, try using a tool like Zillow or Hotpads to find your new home. Afterwards, you’ll be ready to tackle this checklist!

Two Months Before

  1. Take measurements – You need to know that your furniture will fit through the doors at your new place. If not, make sure you know how to take the furniture apart.
  2. Purge your belongings – Go from room to room and make a list of items to that you want to move and junk you can purge.
  3. Sell your stuff – Sell extra books, movies, clothing, electronics, and furniture. Save the extra money to pay for a local movers.
  4. Donate to charity - Donate everything that you couldn’t sell to the local Goodwill or Salvation army. Save your receipt and claim donation on your income taxes.
  5. Get quotes for movers – There are a ton of local moving companies in your area. Get quotes for more than one to find the best price.
  6. Order supplies – You’ll need boxes, tape, markers, mattress covers, and space bags. If you have enough time, you can save money by ordering your supplies online.
  7. Start packing – Packing your entire home takes longer than you think it will. Start packing non-essential items (decorations, seasonal clothing, etc.) early to minimize stress.
  8. Label your boxes – Remember to label your boxes as “fragile” or “bedroom”. If you’re hiring movers, it may be a good idea to take transport valuables on your own.
  9. Forward your mail – The United States Postal Service will forward your mail for a period of time. Just visit their website, tell them your new address, and pay $1.00.
  10. Take off moving day – Don’t forget to get time off from work. Give your boss at least two weeks to approve your request.
  11. Finish packing – By now you should be done packing most of your belongings. Over the next week, you should to finish packing everything but the essentials.
  12. Pack suitcases – By now, you should have most of your household items packed. At this point, you should pack the remaining essentials into a suitcase or two.
  13. Clean your place – With everything in boxes, you have an opportunity to clean all of your home’s nooks and crannies. This is critical if you want to sell your home or receive your full security deposit.
  14. Transfer your utilities – call your, electric, gas, and water companies to transfer your utility services to a new address. They tend to require at least 7-days notice.
  15. Defrost the freezer – If you’re planning to move your freezer, defrost it and clean it. If you’re leaving the fridge behind, put food into a cooler, and clean out the interior.
  16. Pack the moving van – If you didn’t hire a moving company, you’ll need to pack your own van. Most rental trucks give you enough time to pack the van a day early.
  17. Change your address – Your mail is being forwarded now, but that will end after a couple months. Take time to change your address with your employer, financial institution, and other important organizations. This list is useful is you need help.
  18. Follow up on your security deposit – If you were renting, take time to call about your security deposit. The extra money will help offset some moving costs.

One Month Before

Two Weeks Before

One Week Before

The Day Before

After the Move

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