The Many uses for Underground Bunkers

Underground bunkers

Nuclear threats have passed and have moved themselves to different parts of the world than before. In the modern age, the old government bunkers have been deemed as no longer required and indeed a few were retained by the military for the use of the Senate and the Ministry with the expendales one being put up as bunkers for sale.

These bunkers which were put into the open market presented themselves with novel ideas for modern day entrepreneurs who saw in the bunker creative and profitable opportunities. Even the modern day home-owner took inspiration and built himself similarly styled wine cellars, making for ideal wine storage with a very unique feel to it. The entrepreneurs though, saw a chance to make a different institution and thus was borne the underground discotheque, styled in the vein of underground bunkers and the isolation providing excellent acoustics.

Underground discotheques have been around for a while, with the positive aspects of underground sound being apparent from a very early age. However, post the Cold War, that sort of mentality had seeped into culture and thus it held massive appeal within the people, connecting on a level which resonated with the previous generations yet had the positivity of the modern day generations. The world was moving on from the scars of the past and using them in a way to enjoy the fears of yesteryears makes it easier to get past them.

That is not all they were meant for though. In the United Kingdom, bunkers which were not under the bunkers for sale have been made into storage spaces and have been used as venues for meetings and groups. Some have been changed into emergencies centers for need during natural calamities and in a few places in the United States such as the Gulf of Mexico region; this is a very serious eventuality. They are also very useful during flash floods and sudden fires as evacuating to a safe distance may not be possible. Of course these are very expensive prospects and thus they require a substantial investment, even so, there is very little to left to debate when the security of the bunker becomes apparent under stressful environs. For those who can afford it, and for those who are faced with these dangers or those who want to plan for any eventuality, the old shelters which are now bunkers for sale provide the perfect solution to a debilitating paranoia of what to do during the worst.

There have been positive uses though. Albania built a lot of bunkers during 1945-1985 due to the prevalence of the fear of invasion. A few of those bunkers have now been turned into hotels. Now quite famous, the WikiLeaks bunker is situated underneath Stockholm and old bunkers in Cromwell, England have been made into holiday homes. In fact, an old nuclear bunker in Kansas has been turned into a 6,500 sq. ft mansion by a teacher living there. The teacher later became a bunker broker.

The Germans have found unique uses for the bunkers. German law prohibits the alteration of the interiors but allows use. Thus, artists use the urban decaying structures to hold art showcases. Modern art and the setting of the underground bunker present stark contrasts which have massive aesthetic appeal.


Kevin is a real estate developer who specializes in converting old underground bunkers into modern day usable spaces. He has worked in making bunkers into museums and discos and also into homes and shelters. Kevin is constantly checking the market for bunkers for sale to redevelop them and market them as modern day real estate.