CRC on a PIC


A Painless Guide to CRC Error Detection Algorithms

A CRC Calculator

PIC Implementations

CRC-CCITT-16 Poylnomial = 0x1021

CRC-CCITT-16 Reversed Poylnomial = 0x8408

CRC-16 Poylnomial = 0x8005. Here's an old version.

CRC-32 Poylnomial = 0x04c11db7

CRC-8 An efficient implementation of Maxim's (Dallas Semiconductor) AP Note 27. Here's the C version.

crc-sae.asm is an efficient implementation of CRC.txt found on the OBD Programmer's Page. This is an 8-bit CRC used by the OBD Automotive Diagnostics protocol.

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