Some of the most Beautiful Handrail Design Ideas

While hand railings serve as both a beautiful upgrade to the home, as well as a practical aid to navigating one’s homes, they can appear as inappropriate or clashing with the surrounding décor if not selected properly. You should take some time to scroll through the many different designs to ensure that whatever you end up deciding on fits perfectly within your house or apartment.

Residential and Commercial Iron Railings or Balconies.

Iron handrails bring a very villa-like flourish to any home, bringing elegant scrolls and curves with a finely constructed architectural pizzazz. These handrails range from simpler designs for a more affordable price, to the more expensive designs which come with rather elaborate designs and patterns. Whether you require something for your home, or are looking for more standard commercial builds, make sure to find something that goes best with your home’s theme.

European-styled homes truly benefit from fancily designed hand rails, and balconies can really come to life with an organic or nature-inspired design, causing the eye to focus on the value of this extension before the vistas come into play.

The Use of Precious Stones and Metals

While some may be happy with a diamond-shaped pattern for iron railings coupled with horseshoe scrolls, some take this idea far more literally. If you have the money, bejewelling your hand rails is one of the most extravagant statements you can make. It doesn’t have to be the most valuable stones, semi-precious stones can be crushed into dust and filtered into the metallurgic process of creation to bring a sparkling finish to your hand rails.

Forged Scrolls

This very popular design brings a wonderfully organic flow to hand rails, accentuating the movements of a person coming down the stairs for a grand entrance when hosting guests. Iron scrollwork belongs to a specific field of ornamentation, bringing out the best in graphic design with a spiralling focus. The name of this design comes from the image of an ancient scroll viewed from the edge.

This design will bring classical Greek or Roman finesse to your home. It was a design that was most popular during the Baroque era, where enlightenment and academic prowess was brought forwards and accentuated by designs such as this, bringing an intellectual symbolism into the manors of the wealthy. Although Baroque Architecture may have been one of the most dominant hosts for this design, it was found to be spread throughout all manner of applications, from metalwork, to furniture, to murals.

Lamb Tongue

This swirling and elongated design is excellent for outdoors settings, making for an excellent blending in with the plants around your garden. This design will generally come in a tapered and forged form, which is generally necessary to make the most out of the lengthy curves.

Iron Pipe

For a more simple and practical application, iron pipe guardrails and railings are excellent for a more modern, minimalistic design. This look is perfect for the 21st century.


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