Santa Clara, California




Design engineering position requiring the combination of hardware and software expertise.

Synaptics, San Jose, California Dec. `00 to present

As a technical leader I design hardware, software, algorithms, perform research and lead a group of talented engineers.

  • Hardware engineer for cPad, a clear TouchPad overlaying an LCD
  • Software and Hardware engineer for embedded Chinese Character Recognition.
  • Designed algorithms to combat noise and interference in Capacitance Sensors.
  • Designed algorithms to improve finger detection on Capacitive TouchPads.
  • Designed algorithms for proximity detection with capacitance sensors.
  • Designed software tools to analyze Capacitance Sensors.
  • Designed software tools to assist developing firmware.
  • Designed many of the algorithms in Synaptics' OneTouch product family.

National Instruments, Austin, Texas, Nov. `99 to Dec. `00

Software and hardware design for Industrial Data Acquisition products, primarily Field Point.

  • Co-developed the FP-2000, an x86 based embedded controller.
  • Co-developed a prototype Palm Pilot Irda software application to communicate with Field point.

SRI Intl., Menlo Park California, Dec. `95 to Oct. `99.

As a research engineer within a group of 15 other engineers I am responsible for designing hardware and software for commercial products such as flat panel displays, sensors, and medical devices.

Developed 15 PCBs, 15 prototypes, and around 20 miscellaneous test circuits:

  • Two separate 24-bit video digitizers
  • High-Voltage Flat Panel display drivers
  • Digital Video Processor
  • Analog signal processing
  • Ultra low power medical instrument
  • Oil particle sensor
  • High temperature transistor-based analog filters
  • RF signal processing
  • Video rate photo detector

Wrote software for 9 different applications. Most of the major subsystems:

  • PIC microcontroller OS
  • LCD driver
  • I2C driver
  • Temperature sensors
  • Signal processing
  • Closed loop control
  • Data acquisition
  • Signal generators
  • MAC based digital I/O driver
  • Linux hacks

For about 90% of these projects I was the sole developer, including even the layout and routing of the PCBs. (I was the only EE of the engineering group for most of the time).

Basic Measuring Instruments, Santa Clara California, Sept. `94 to Dec. `95.

As a Senior Design Engineer within a group of 10 engineers I was responsible for designing hardware and software for power quality instruments. Some of the projects I worked on were:

Landis & Gyr, San Jose California, Feb. `87 to Sept. `94

As a Design Engineer within a group of 10 engineers I was responsible for designing hardware for both microcontroller based and 80386 based software.

Developed 15 PCB's for industrial data acquisition systems (RTU's):

  • 12-bit 8-channel Analog-to-Digital converter
  • 14-bit 24-channel isolated Analog-to-Digital converter
  • 32-channel Digital Input board (5,12,125V inputs)
  • 64-channel 24V digital output board
  • 64-channel Relay output controller
  • EIA485 to Fiber Optic asynchronous transceiver
  • 24V, 20Khz to 110V DC UPS with integrated Lead-Acid battery charger
  • PAL-based bus interface board

Developed the software for the PCB's designed above. Also wrote software as part of a 10-person software only project. Some of the software highlights include

  • Converted a 20 man-year 8086 application into a 80386 protected mode application.
  • 80386 multitasking between multiple virtual processors
  • SCSI driver
  • Re-wrote all of the hardware drivers in a major software retrofit.
  • Network protocol (3 layers of the ISO 7-layer)
  • Microcontroller OS
  • Signal processing algorithms
  • A/D analysis software




Lamar University Beaumont, Texas, BSEE, December 1986. GPA: 3.8/4.0

Santa Clara University & San Jose State University. 90% through MS in Physics. GPA 3.85/4.0


President of Eta Kappa Nu (EE honor society).

Member of Tau Beta Pi (Engineering honor society)