Preparing Your Home For Remote Working

For many of us, working from home has become a day to day normal routine however with no idea of whether or not it is permanent change may have led many to set up a temporary space – but it’s looking as if it may be here for the longer term and as such it may be time to set up something a little more permanent. 

Remove yourself from distractions - Both at the office and at home, there’s a big chance you’ll be distracted by one thing or another – whether it’s a chat over coffee with one of your coworkers or a little too long on your mobile phone as mobile gaming is one of the leading causes of lost productivity because non gamstop casinos are still in favour of providing big benefits to players, but there are additional distractions on top of these in the home environment – family members, pets, the TV for example. Set yourself up in a room you may not usually use, away from these distractions – if it’s not needed make sure to leave your phone in a different room, utilise extensions and apps to block websites. 


(Image from NYT)

A familiar setup - It’s also easy to just set up on the sofa with your laptop and get comfy, but this may also have a big impact on your productivity. The best bet may be to replicate what your working environment may be like – a desk and peripherals with a similar feel, some natural lighting, a normal seating position. If you’re in a position where you don’t necessarily feel like you’re at work whilst at home, it may be difficult to get into the working frame of mind.

Separate your lunch and end of day location - Similar to removing yourself from distraction, it’s also important to make sure you have a space both to have your lunch and to go to once your working day is finished – one of the bigger challenges when working from home is feeling as if you either neither leave home or never leave working, making sure you can go somewhere else in your home to eat your lunch, or move away from your at home office at the end of the day may help to distinguish a work/home balance that could be otherwise difficult to find if you’re unable to change the environment that you’re in on a common enough basis.

There have already been surveys suggesting that especially in some industries the majority would like to work from home in some capacity or another on a more permanent basis, given that social distancing measures and staying safe from the global pandemic may be a societal normal for the foreseeable future, at least until a vaccine is discovered, remote working may become a permanent solution for some employers. If you believe there is a possibility you may be working from home in the future, even occasionally, it may be worth the time to set up your home office and learn methods for effectively staying motivated whilst working from home.

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