Luxury Home Design Tips and Trends for 2018

Decorating and furnishing luxury residences can be a challenge. It’s easy enough to make the wrong choices that can turn a stately home into a tacky McMansion.

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But it’s fun, and it’s sometimes great to make over the look of your place so that it looks fresh. So hire an interior designer as well, and try to incorporate your personal preferences with the modern trends in luxury interior design. Here are some of the current trends in luxury design:

Boutique Furnishings

Most people who live in luxury homes often have plenty of friends and family who stay over. Some homeowners even rent out their place when they’re vacationing abroad. One popular practice is to make friends with other well-to-do folks around the world and you can exchange homes during your holidays.

So even if you live alone, you should consider the feelings of other people. This means you need to furnish and decorate your place to make it feel like home for those who may stay at your place. You need to use inoffensive colors and universal beddings. The furniture should have removable cushion covers or is easy to clean. Get some books and art to make people feel welcome. Hide the clutter as well.

Furniture as Sculpture

Today, art doesn’t just have to hang on your walls. They can look and work like furniture too, since that’s what they really are anyway. Plenty of pieces such as cabinets, tables, and even chairs can be so appealing to the eye that they’re very much like art.

One great example of this is the Barcelona Chair, which was designed by the legendary Mies van der Rohe in 1929. It was actually meant for the Spanish royal family. You can also try to get the Noguchi Coffee Table, as its designer Isamu Noguchi actually had a background as a sculptor. Launched in 1947, this chair is still available today.

Polished High-Lacquered Wood

Sometimes subtle and understated can turn into lifeless and dull. So nowadays plenty of homeowners are drawn to the highly polished look of lacquered wood such as Santos Rosewood. These work great to hide shelving. You get a tailored look with clean lines, but you also get an extra layer of texture to your interior.


This “less is more” philosophy is still going strong in the design industry, as its principles can be quite useful for those who live in small spaces. Minimalist storage solutions can be functional yet stylish as well. But this trend is also gaining ground among luxury homeowners, especially those who hate clutter.

Just because you live in a large home doesn’t mean you can waste all that space. You still need to optimize the space you have. You should also think about camouflaged designs for various storage solutions, including your kitchen cabinets and pantry.

Cork and Terracotta

For those who wish to add more natural coziness to their luxury homes, cork and terracotta are terrific options for finishes. They’re a trend in luxury design right now because they make residences look homey and natural.

Terracotta is now commonly used with a matte finish in earthier tones, so that homes can feel a bit more rustic and personalized. You can also use it as fireplace cladding or as an accent wall. You can even use it as a floor tile too.

Cork is actually becoming more popular as a flooring solution as well. It makes for a fantastic accent wall especially for large families, as cork absorbs noise. You can also try cork as coffee table bases.

Creative Metal Combinations

This trend involves mixing metals in a way that’s not so common. So you can perhaps combine polished nickel with silver, or chrome with brass. This combines minimalism and the industrial look, and it can be both fun and elegant at the same time.




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