How to Replace the Wand or Tilt Cord in Your Window Coverings

You could have the best quality blinds installed on your home’s windows, they will at some point start to break down. This doesn’t mean you have to purchase new blinds, however, as there are many small repairs that you can do yourself. This isn’t about the craftsmanship of your blinds, or about their price. Window shades, just like everything on this planet, will never last a lifetime. You need to be ready, therefore, for a mechanical failure.

Breakage of the Wand or Tilter

In horizontal blinds, a wand or tilter is used to control it. This is often the first element to break. Luckily, you don’t have to panic when that happens so don’t throw your blinds away just yet. Simply use the following instructions and your blinds will be good as new again.

Instructions to Repair Your Tilter or Wand

Once you know your tilter or wand is broken, you have to fix it. This is quite a quick job and you don’t have to be a mechanical engineer to complete it. In fact, you don’t even have to call a professional!

  1. Remove the metal end caps found on the end of the headrail. There should be one on each side. The headrail is found at the top of your blinds. It is usually a metal construction, although it can also be plastic. The blind controls are found within the headrail.
  2. Take the cord tilter or the wand out by gently pulling on the rod, usually found in the middle. The tilt cord, or wand, is what you use in order to control the slats of your horizontal or vertical blinds.
  3. Take out the entire mechanism found within the headrail by pushing it to the right very gently. You should feel it pop out of your blinds’ headrail.
  4. Replace the mechanism. You can either purchase a new one or, if you are a bit savvier, repair the existing one. Make sure that when you slide your new mechanism into place, it actually clicks in.
  5. Replace the rod, again either with a new one or after repairing it, and put the end caps back on.

That really is all you have to do in order to fix your broken wands or tilters. If you find that something has gone wrong with your blinds, therefore, you now have the skills and knowledge to resolve this. It should only take you a few minutes to complete this and you don’t even need any tools to do it.

Too many people throw out perfectly good blinds simply because the wand or tilter is broken. There is no need for this and it is an unnecessary waste of money as well. Considering most of us aren’t made of money, this is an important issue. If something with your blinds goes wrong, simply look online for what a possible solution could be first. Doing so means that your particular blinds may just last a lifetime.

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