How to Prepare Your Home for the Hot Weather

Spring has sprung, which means summer is not far behind. There is so much fun to look forward to about summer that it is easy to forget about the home maintenance tasks that can make the summer months more comfortable. Here is a quick list of things to take care of now that will keep your house cool when the stifling weather arrives.

Check Your Fans

Using box and ceiling fans is a great way to reduce your home energy usage. However, you will not save any money if your fans are not working. Imagine attempting to switch on a fan one hot day only to find that it is as stagnant as the surrounding air. To avoid this situation, check your fans now so you have time to restock them if necessary. This is also a good opportunity to remove any dust they accumulated over the winter.

Get an AC Tune-up

What is even worse than broken fans? A broken HVAC system. If you live in an especially hot region, then now is the time to make sure your HVAC system is in working order. That way, your unit will be ready to go when it gets hot out and you will be less likely to have a major breakdown over the summer.

Even better, a properly maintained HVAC unit will use less energy to operate, so your utility bills will be smaller. Many HVAC service providers, such as Tin Man Heating and Cooling, offer seasonal coupons for repairs and tune-ups, so you can save your money and your sweat.

Take Care of Cracks

Most homes have some areas of air leakage. During the summer, this results in cooled air leaving your house while warm air enters. Not only is this a waste of money, but it also makes everyone less comfortable. To address this issue, you can either check for leaks on your own or get a professional home energy audit.

If you decide to check for leaks yourself, start by looking around the outside of the house. Some of the most common sources of energy loss are outdoor faucets, exterior corners, and areas where your siding meets your chimney or foundation. Indoors, check areas such as baseboards, electrical outlets, dryer vents, doors, and windows. It is usually possible to tell just by looking if these areas are properly sealed.

Once you have located sources of leakage, you can spend an afternoon caulking and weather stripping your home. This exercise is neither difficult nor expensive, and you will earn any money you do spend back in savings within the year. Filling those leaks will keep your conditioned air inside where it belongs, so you only have to feel the heat when you go outside.

Bring on the Heat

As you can see, these few simple tasks can have a huge impact on your savings, energy usage, and comfort levels. By devoting a few hours to maintenance now, you can spend all summer enjoying the great outdoors, knowing that when you are through, you will be returning to a comfortable home.

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