How to Make Your Yard Look Upscale

A nicely groomed lawn is a great place to play, a relaxing oasis, and a source of pride for homeowners. If you’re missing out on that feeling of pride, it might be time to make some updates to your lawn. Here are some ideas for small changes that can have a big impact on making your yard look more upscale.

Fix up the Pool Area

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If you’re fortunate enough to have an in-ground pool in the backyard, adding or updating your pool pavers can have a major positive impact on the appearance of your yard. They won’t crack like concrete slabs, and they have a major wow factor. Pool pavers come in many variations of materials, colors, and sizes. Partner with the paver company and have fun creating a custom look. System Pavers offers a free design consultation with no strings attached.

Spruce up the Landscaping

Put some thought and creativity into your greenery, and you won’t be disappointed by the end result. Reseeding the grass, or even adding a layer of new sod, is a great starting point. As the foundation for the yard, a nice plush field of grass looks very high-end. For colorful flower accents, try some hardy perennials for blooms that return every year. Add some fresh mulch or garden stones, and you’ve got the complete updated lawn package. Gardening projects are fun for all ages, so get the kids involved and enjoy some outdoor time as a family.

Add Some Cozy Seating

Creating some comfy seating areas in your yard will make it feel like an inviting extension of the home’s interior. If you don’t have great seating, you may not spend as much time as you’d like enjoying your outdoor space. Setting up some rockers, lounge chairs, or outdoor couches will welcome everyone outside. A pergola is a beautiful way to accent this seating area and provide a bit of shade on those sunny summer days. To create a more secluded area, use lattice as a separator for your own private oasis and a perfect spot for a hammock. You’ve worked hard to cultivate your backyard, so investing in ways to enjoy it makes sense.

Add Unique Extras

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add some individual touches to your backyard. Here is where you can really let your personality come through. If you love hosting outdoor parties that often go into the late hours, create a fire pit for your guests to gather around. Are you or your children animal lovers? A beautiful bird bath will look upscale and provide hours of bird-watching fun. And don’t ignore your fences or trees; use them as blank walls and hang stained glass, sculptures, or lighting pieces to showcase your love for art.

It doesn’t take a complete yard overhaul to take a lawn from average to upscale. If it seems like an overwhelming task, try integrating a few projects to your spring maintenance list for your home. Don’t be surprised when other homeowners start coming to you for suggestions.

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