How to Make Your Small Condo Look and Feel Bigger

Condos in Griffintown or any condo for that matter are smaller compared to detached homes. Obviously, there’s not much anyone can do to increase the living space in a condo. However, there are some things you can do to make it seem as if your condo unit is bigger than it actually is.

To keep yourself from feeling cramped and claustrophobic, here are some tips to keep in mind:


  1. Use mirrors. This is perhaps the most often quoted bit of advice for increasing the apparent space in any room. It makes it seem like there’s more space when you can see something beyond a wall. Use large mirrors for your walls and see if you can place one right across a window. This can let the mirror reflect light all over the room to make it brighter and more spacious.
  2. Don’t use curtains. You’ll want more light in your condo unit, and natural light is best. It also helps ease your sense of being closed in if you can see out of your small condo unit. You don’t have to sacrifice your sense of privacy, as you can use roman shades instead to keep prying eyes away while light comes in.
  3. Spread a few smaller lamps around. Overhead lights can seem rather harsh and emphasize the small size of your space. Instead, you can have a few lamps lit all over a room. This arrangement spreads light and draws your attention around the room.
  4. Use couches and bed frames with legs. It somehow feels less cramped when you have space under the furniture.
  5. Keep the furniture away from the walls. Again, it’s all about creating the illusion of space. While the reality is that you don’t actually maximize the floor space by not setting your furniture right against the wall, the space you create by pulling the furniture from the wall does help make the room feel more open. Besides, you don’t have to pull the furniture from the wall too far, a few inches of space will do.
  6. Stick to brighter colors. Dark colors make a condo unit seem cozy, but sometimes cozy is just a synonym for overly snug. The problem with dark colors is that it makes you feel suffocated. In contrast, lighter colors on your walls and floor can help make the room feel airy.
  7. Decorate the ceiling. Maybe you can have it painted or perhaps you can use wallpaper. When you have limited floor space, you can increase the feeling of space by focusing on the height of the room instead of its length and width.
  8. Place shelves by the ceiling. This serves two purposes. One is that you have extra storage space, as your possessions can make you feel cramped when they’re all over the place. Also, having the shelves near the ceiling draws your attention upwards.
  9. Place striped rugs on the floor. Having horizontal stripes on your shirt can make you look bigger. The same is true for your condo if you have a rug with stripes that emphasize the length of your room.
  10. Use overlarge art pieces on your walls. These make your room feel bigger compared to when you have many smaller frames on your walls.

With these tips, it won’t feel as cramped when your condo isn’t as spacious as you may have hoped. Your condo doesn’t have to be big and expensive—it just has to feel that way!

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