How to Make Your Home More Sellable without Breaking the Bank

If you want to sell your home, you have to prep it properly. This may worry you, because you are not likely to have a lot of money lying around. Luckily, the tips below are all budget friendly and will make a big impact. In fact, they may even increase the offer you will receive on your property.

Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Selling

  1. Paint your front door. This is the first thing people see when they come to your property and it needs to look inviting.
  2. Love your windows. Make sure they are clean and have nice, neutral blinds in front of them.
  3. Power wash the outside of your home so that the original color comes back out. You can rent power washers from most DIY stores for very little money.
  4. Gets some new switch plates. Making sure they all look the same is very important. Best of all, the cheapest, plastic, white switch plates are usually the best ones.
  5. Have some lovely plants in your home. It makes it look more inviting and welcoming.
  6. Mow your lawn. This will make your garden look cared for, as well as making it look low maintenance.
  7. Change all the knobs in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. These cabinets often look very dated and changing them is very expensive. Simply changing the knobs, however, is cheap and has a huge impact.
  8. Paint your mailbox. It is likely that the new owners will replace it anyway, so don’t invest in a new one. Simply paint it (don’t be afraid to add a bit of art on there as well) to make it look fresh and nice.
  9. Check the grout in your bathroom. If it doesn’t clean easily, get a grout pen and re-do it.
  10. Have some fresh flowers in different parts of your home. Living room, dining room and kitchen are top spots.
  11. Make sure your flower beds are mulched. This will cover any weeds without you having to get your hands dirty.
  12. Identify ugly things and get rid of them. Broken window screens, crooked closet doors, holes in the wall, they all need to be addressed and fixed, even if it is just cosmetically.
  13. Get modern lighting in. You may think those old brass and fabric light coverings are beautiful, most people don’t. Go for sleek and modern, with simple lines and neutral colors.
  14. Deep clean all your floors, regardless of their material.
  15. Put some mirrors up, this will make your home look much larger.
  16. Buy a doormat, preferably one that is either seasonal or that has some sort of fun (but not potentially offensive!) message on it.

Getting your home ready to sell doesn’t have to cost the earth. There are many small things that you can do that don’t cost much at all. Best of all, it is very likely that the offer that is put on your property will be higher than before you made these small improvements. So much so, in fact, that you will probably get more than you spent in the first place.

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