How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh for Putting It in the Market

You can get used to how your house smells, but guests won’t exactly relish the smell of cigarette smoke, pet litter, and trash. Nasty smell can be a huge problem if you’re trying to sell your home. People who are looking for homes for sale in Winnipeg will be put off by a home that smells like a garbage heap.


But there are a few simple tricks you can do to make your home smell so much better:

  1. Open your windows at least once a day. Even a few minutes daily can help. You should do this even in the winter, and before you use the toilet. Sometimes the best way to deal with air pollution is dilution.
  2. Get rid of the clutter. The clutter in your home doesn’t just make your house look disorganized. It contributes to the stink as well. Stagnant clutter just gathers dust that smells bad eventually.
  3. Get rid of mold. If you’re selling your house, a visit from a professional mold service is a great idea. Mold can cause rather nasty smells, and these experts can find mold that you may overlook.
  4. Tackle the mildew too. You can eliminate the grout from your shower. Just spay with 3% hydrogen peroxide directly, though oxygen bleach (but not chlorine bleach) is a nice alternative option. Let it sit for a few minutes before you scrub it away.
  5. Take care of your pets’ bedding. Their beds should have bedding with removable covers so they can be washed frequently. About twice a year, you should wash the cushion as well. You can run it through a cycle with some vinegar to eliminate the bacteria, before finishing off with another cycle using unscented detergent. If that didn’t get rid of the smell, you’ll need to soak the bedding in a tub full of detergent and hot water. This will take 20 minutes, and then you should dry it out in the sun.
  6. If you have cats, clean the litter box daily. At least once a week, you have to change the litter and wash out the container too. The area should also be uncovered and properly ventilated.
  7. Swipe your toilet with a toilet brush. This needs to be a daily habit, so that you can prevent the buildup of mildew.
  8. Pour some baking soda down your garbage disposal. A couple of spoonsfuls of the stuff should be enough and then you can just run it. This process will help get rid of the stale food smells. A good alternative is to just put in tiny bits of lemon peel down your garbage disposal.
  9. Maintain your garbage cans properly. Your garbage may smell not because of the stuff you’re throwing out but because you don’t take care of your garbage cam properly. The inside of the can should always be clean so you need tough bags that don’t leak. You should also keep liquids away from your trash. Take out the kitchen garbage daily, whether or not it’s full.
  10. Use essential oils for your sheets. Just in case you don’t know, you have to wash your sheets every week. But to help keep your bedroom smelling fresh, you may want to use essential oils as an alternative to your fabric softener. You can just add several drops of the lavender, jasmine, or mint essential oil to a spray bottle so you can spritz your sheets.

You don’t really need to use heavily scented sprays around the house when buyers come to visit your home. That may even make them think that you’re masking something truly malodorous. Your best bet is to identify the sources of the bad smells, and when you get rid of them then you get rid of foul stink too.

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