How to Enjoy Lower Premiums on Car Insurance

One of the facts you need to accept is that auto insurance pricing is different depending on your state. For example, the best car insurance in North Carolina is a lot more affordable than a comparable insurance in California. But even in the most expensive states, you can still enjoy lower premiums by following these tips:

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Shop Around

This is the most crucial bit of advice you need to keep in mind. Even in the same state, different insurance companies charge varying premiums depending on their particular preferences and priorities. It’s easy enough to go online and find websites that compare auto insurance quotes according to your zip code.

Don’t Get Unnecessary Coverage

Collision coverage won’t really be necessary for you, if you own an older model that isn’t really worth much money. The cost of your repairs won’t probably exceed the amount of your deductibles anyway. The only time collision coverage is a good idea is if you’re driving an expensive classic or a newer model.

Can You Go to Work by Public Transportation?

If it’s practical for you to take a train or a bus to work, then go ahead. Generally, when you use your car to get to work every day, you will pay more for auto insurance. Make sure your insurance company knows you use public transport so you can enjoy lower premiums. You also enjoy not paying for more tolls, parking, and more gas.

Obey Local Driving Ordinances

Keeping your driving record pristine is an effective way of keeping your premiums down. Get plenty of speeding tickets and your premiums can get much higher for the next 3 years or so. Crash your car while drag racing and your insurance rates can be affected for the rest of your life.

Get a Single Insurance Company for Everything

You’ll enjoy significant discounts if you have one insurance company for your auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. It’s a common practice form insurance companies to offer across the board deals.

While you’re at it, get family plans as well. Combining the insurance for every member of the family helps you get lower premiums.

Drive a Car that Insurance Companies Love

There are 3 features to the favorite car models of auto insurance companies. One is that it’s a safe car to drive. Two, it doesn’t go all that fast. Finally, it shouldn’t be among the most commonly stolen cars. If you want to play it safe, contact your auto insurance and ask them about the models that cost least to insure.

Don’t Mention Driving Mistakes in the Past

Just conveniently forget about them, and by mentioning them you may just increase your premiums as a result. Older driving accidents and tickets may already have been removed from your driving record, so you may as well not mention them.

Take Driving Courses

Ask for your auto insurance’s approved driving courses. Take them and pass them, and you’ll get lower premiums as a result. As a bonus, you may even end up learning something along the way.

Be a Responsible Consumer

You should take care of your credit score, since auto insurance companies check those out to see how much of a risk you are. So pay all your bills in time, and get rid of those balances as quickly as possible.

Get Your Degree

Those with a college degree don’t just get higher-paying jobs—they pay lower premiums too. It’s not snobbery on the part of the auto insurance companies. It’s just that people with college degrees tend to file fewer claims than people who don’t have a degree.

So all in all, just be a responsible person!

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